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2nd of December, 2014
This daycare is wonderful. The lesson plans cover a wide range of topics. To round out the structured community and center times, there are plenty of free-choice events. In the event of rain or cold weather, the daycare has access to a large gym. They also engage with school-aged kids, which is a novel and exciting experience for them. The teachers are fantastic; they are extremely attentive and competent. This review has been rated as helpful by 9 out of 18 people. Was this study of interest to you?

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A passion for learning in a Christian community that is both accommodating and nurturing. This is the foundation of the ELC program at St. Therese. Teachers have more time to concentrate on each child’s unique abilities because of the low staff-to-child ratios. The highly trained team is committed to providing excellent care and support to young children as well as striving for excellence. In the heart of Deephaven, our campus is situated on 29+ beautiful acres. With nature right outside our front door, all students have access to an Outdoor Learning Center and a DNR-certified School Forest that they won’t find anywhere else. We make the most of our environment by discovering the natural world all around us. Your child will have a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to our love of children, strong curriculum, and beautiful outdoor space. Operating Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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I’m Anitha Arul, and I’m the Director of St Therese Preschool & Long Day Care. I hold this prestigious place with great honor and appreciation. I’ve worked in the Early Childhood sector for 19 years and have become increasingly passionate about it. Back in India, I was a primary school teacher. In Australia, I earned a Diploma in Children’s Services and a Bachelor of Teaching (0-5) degree. I am extremely enthusiastic about working on this play-based curriculum and educating our potential people, whether they are our next prime minister, a space scientist, or a pedagogical practitioner. Because of my upbeat and positive attitude in this area, I’ve been able to embark on and enjoy this learning experience with our young students. The first five years of a child’s life are critical, according to research, and families play an important role as our child’s first and foremost resource.
We strive to provide you with the highest quality, most accessible, and most versatile education and treatment in a stimulating and interactive learning atmosphere at St Therese Early Childhood Service. We have a fantastic team of experts who are all dedicated to one goal: to educate, care for, and nurture your children’s growth and development. Our strong play-based approach in a stimulating atmosphere allows children to freely explore, discover, visualize, problem-solve, and develop resilience now and in the future.

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St. Therese Learning Center of Q.C., Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality education to our students so that they can achieve academic success, leadership, and become responsible and productive citizens of our country. It has completed the expanded K–12 Basic Education Program, which aims to provide a high-quality 12-year basic education. Making Filipino graduates “globally competitive” in order to satisfy the needs of a “globalized world” is one of its guiding principles.
The School, which began with only 10 Pre-school students and classes held in a small private space, has grown in popularity in the area due to its systematic and individualized teaching process.
A year later, the number of students enrolled had increased dramatically. It has extended its scope to include both Elementary Courses and Special Education in just four years. The Special Education Department was created to carry on our beloved Founder and Directress’s personal vocation of providing effective programs and interventions to children with special needs, with the goal of making them self-sufficient and happy in their school and community. The Department of Education granted the school government recognition for its Elementary Education program in 1986.