St john the baptist peabody

St john the baptist peabody

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Based on parish membership and the number of children enrolled in kindergarten, St. John’s School is eligible to provide a family plan tuition. For families with three or more children enrolled, we give a 15% discount on overall family tuition. To qualify for Parish Affiliated Tuition, you must have your Catholic Parish Pastor sign a Parish Commitment form stating that you engage in the life of your Parish by attending mass on a regular basis, serving your Parish with involvement, and financially supporting your Parish during the previous calendar year of your family’s tuition total.

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Students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight attend St. John the Baptist School, which offers general academic programs. The school’s staff includes a priest, principal, business manager, receptionist, nurse, and athletic director, and it was established in 1893. Cross-country, cheerleading, and basketball are among the sports offered. Counseling and extended-day care are also available at the school. The parent-teacher group at St. John the Baptist School organizes numerous fundraising events and services. Instrumental music lessons are available on instruments such as the flute, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet through the school’s instrumental music program. For pupils, the school publishes a newsletter. It has a library with a diverse selection of books and reference materials. St. John the Baptist School also offers drama and science classes. It’s in Peabody, Massachusetts.

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The fire at St. Johns School occurred on October 28, 1915.


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Peabody, Massachusetts’ St. John’s School

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The St. John’s School fire, which occurred on the morning of October 28, 1915, at the St. John’s School on Chestnut Street in Peabody, Massachusetts, was a fatal fire. While attempting to escape the flames, twenty-one girls aged 7 to 17 were burned or crushed to death.
When the fire broke out in the school building’s basement, more than 600 children were inside. The building had no fire escapes on the outside, so those inside were forced to use the large stairways at either end of the interior, which led down to the front exit. The Sisters who taught in the Catholic school were led by Mother Superior Aldegon, who sounded the fire alarm and started the regular fire drill procedure.

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The Sisters of Notre Dame founded St. John the Baptist School in 1893 to educate the parish’s children. Today, St. John School continues to offer a Catholic education to students in Preschool through Grade Eight from our parish and other North Shore communities.
Saint John the Baptist School is committed to providing a high-quality Catholic education that inspires its students to be lifelong learners and leaders, to live their faith with high moral values, and to grow academically, spiritually, and socially.