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St jerome church phoenix

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In Godric’s Hollow, St Jerome’s Church[1] was a small church. It was next to a small graveyard and next to the village square. Church Lane was the name of the street that led up to the church. [2] It was very ancient, dating from the thirteenth century or earlier. [3] The Revd. Dr. Stephen Swain was the parochial vicar in the 1990s. Each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., as well as on weekdays, Eucharist was celebrated (times posted on the church notice board). [2] Eucharist was also celebrated during religious holidays such as Christmas, and baptisms were also performed during this period. [4] The parish also hosted weddings and funerals[2], as well as Eucharist on Sundays and weekdays in the church. The patron saint of this church was Saint Jerome. 1st

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St. Jerome Catholic School is a ministry of St. Jerome Parish’s Catholic Community. Teachers and staff at St. Jerome Catholic School strive to provide comprehensive, high-quality instruction in a secure, Christian atmosphere where love, accountability, and knowledge are the building blocks for meeting the needs of the entire child, with the awareness, support, and cooperation of parents.
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Accel, SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral School, Christ The Redeemer Lutheran School, Glenview Adventist Academy, and Most Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School were among the schools visited by visitors to St. Jerome Elementary School.
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Long-time parishioners at St. Jerome Catholic Church recall the fateful morning in 1993 vividly. It wasn’t every day that the diocese sent them a new priest, and they didn’t know anything about him, as is often the case.
Father Dennis Riccitelli seemed to be a traditional priest. He was 49 years old and balding, a bit too stern-looking to be called avuncular, and he started the 11 a.m. Mass competently, leading it through its programmatic crescendo.
Riccitelli preached about how proud he was of his cars and other belongings, including his condo. He boasted that he was independently rich, having amassed his fortune through a combination of keen business acumen and a windfall from a lawsuit. St. Jerome’s will flourish in his possession, he told his new flock.
Within a year, the relationship had devolved into a disaster. Critics argue Riccitelli was an absentee priest who threatened members and staff to the point of violence when he did bother to participate in church matters.
Many who criticize claim to have encountered priests with radically different temperaments in the church’s history. At St. Jerome’s, some pastors used a light touch, while others were more authoritarian. But, according to parishioners, they had never met such a tyrannical priest before.

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The 4th-century Latin Church Father Jerome wrote De Viris Illustribus (On Illustrious Men), a series of brief biographies of 135 writers in Latin. In 392–3 AD, he finished this project in Bethlehem. 1st A prologue precedes 135 chapters, each of which contains a brief biography. The final chapter focuses on Jerome himself. A Greek version of the book exists as well, probably written by the same Sophronius who is the subject of Chapter 134. Many biographies focus on important figures in Christian Church history, with a particular focus on their writing careers. It was “written as an apologetic work to demonstrate that the Church had created learned men,” according to the author. [two] Flavius Lucius Dexter, who served as high chamberlain to Theodosius I and as praetorian prefect to Honorius, was honored with this book. Saint Pacianus, who is eulogized in the novel, had a son named Dexter. [three]