South street student links

South street student links

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During LIVE Zoom, a video from Leadership Day was revealed! Order Your Yearbook Now! It’s not too late to order your yearbook! Don’t miss out on your chance to buy this important school year memento! The yearbook is printed in full color and is jam-packed with memories you won’t soon forget. The yearbook will set you back $25.
Students can send in their Chromebook for repair at their school and receive a loaner computer on days when they physically attend school. The Chromebook will be returned to the school until it has been fixed, and then it must be returned to the student.
Students should call (864) 355-4357 for support with minor problems on days when they engage in E-learning. Students can carry Chromebooks to the nearest career center (Mon-Thu, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) for repair and a loaner computer if the Chromebook is not working properly. Chromebooks will be returned to the student’s home school after they have been repaired and must be exchanged for the loaner Chromebook.

60 years on, a look back at the little rock nine

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Please read the survey in the link below carefully and fill out one survey for each Robert Morris School student.

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Survey of the English Language

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Fathers, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for what you’ve done for

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Read the survey in the link below carefully and complete one for each student who attends the Robert Morris School.

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We are committed to giving every child the best possible chance to succeed and enjoy online learning. Please fill out this form as completely as possible so that we can better support you and your family. Please send one request per child if you have more than one child with a technology problem. Please fill out the Technology Assistance form found here to submit your request.

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What are your plans for lunch today?

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Go to Departments, Food & Nutrition, and then find a connection to the current month’s breakfast and lunch schedules on the right hand side. Alternatively, go to the Food & Nutrition tab by clicking here.
SRR stands for Standards Referenced Reporting.
SRR (Standards Referenced Reporting) is a research-based method of measuring and reporting student achievement. SRR concentrates on what students know and can do. Teachers teach, evaluate, and give students continuous input about where they are in their learning, where they need to go to reach each standard, and how they can meet each standard. Students receive interventions and enrichment depending on where they are in their learning and comprehension. When a student is having difficulty meeting the requirements, MCSD staff step in to help the student by providing interventions and additional opportunities to learn and relearn the standards. If a student shows proficiency on a standard before teaching and learning begins, MCSD staff can have enrichment opportunities to help the student apply the standard more effectively.

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Parents and guardians can use the Parent Portal to obtain access to some student information. Parents and guardians can access information about ALL of their students from one easy-to-use website. This removes the need to access documents and information through various websites, phone calls, or visits to the school.
Visit https://focusk12.polk-fl.net/focus/ if you have a Parent Portal account. and type your username and password in the appropriate fields. Your username is your personal email address, which you used to build your account.
Important: Your Parent Portal username will be your personal email address given at the time of registration. Employees of the PCPS are allowed to use a personal email address. Do not use your @polk-fl.net email address to build an account.
4. Enter the Student ID, including the “5300,” the student’s date of birth, and the corresponding P.I.N. number obtained from your child’s school into the form. When you’re done, check the box next to “I’m not a robot” and then “Add Student.”