Some kind of stupid

Some kind of stupid

Looks like this is some kind of stupid thing but it’s my first video

For the first time in several years, I ran into an old friend. We were both Ph.D. students at the time, studying science but in different fields. She went to Harvard Law School after dropping out of graduate school and is now a senior lawyer for a large environmental group. The subject of her leaving graduate school came up at some point during the discussion. She said it was because it made her feel dumb, much to my surprise. She was able to do something else after a couple of years of feeling dumb every day.
Her subsequent career backs up my opinion of her as one of the brightest people I met. I was troubled by what she said. I kept thinking about it, and it finally hit me the next day. Science makes me feel dumb as well. It’s just that I’m used to it now. I’ve become so used to feeling dumb that I deliberately search out new ways to do so. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have the sensation. It’s also possible that this is how it’s meant to be. Enable me to explain.
One of the reasons why almost all of us loved science in high school and college was that we were excellent at it. That can’t be the only reason; a fascination with the physical world and an emotional urge to learn new things must also play a role. However, in high school and college, science requires taking classes, and succeeding in those courses necessitates getting the correct answers on exams. If you know the answers, you can do well and feel intelligent.

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2 kinds of stupid

Unlike other memes, the Special Kind of Dumb meme was created in a particular way. It was made in 2014 from two very different sources, one of which was an anonymous blogger on the internet. The initial inspiration came from a scene in The Big Lebowski starring Sam Elliot as “The Stranger,” but no one ever says, “You’re a special kind of dumb, aren’t you?” Roseanne Barr coined the term during one of her stand-up performances: “Skinny people irritate me!” Particularly when they say things like, “You know, I forget to eat sometimes!” I’ve lost my keys, my address, and my mother’s maiden name, but I’ve never forgotten to eat. To fail to eat takes a special kind of stupidity.” They developed the meme by combining a still frame from the movie and Roseanne Barr’s expression, thanks to the imagination of an anonymous user.
The essence of this meme suggests a sense of irony, conveyed in a condescending yet entertaining manner, in order to draw attention to the divisive ideas that emerge in different social issues. As a result, the reader is prompted to reconsider their position, especially in areas where things do not seem to add up. These memes take pride in pointing out everyone’s hypocrisy.

Some kind of stupid

Stupidity is characterized by a lack of intellect, comprehension, reason, or wit. It may be innate, presumed, or reactive in nature. The word stupid is derived from the Latin word stupere, which means “to be stupefied.” In literature, dumb characters are commonly used for humor. Stupidity was labeled “evil” by Walter B. Pitkin, but William Blake and Carl Jung claimed it might be the mother of wisdom in a more Romantic vein.
caption: Al rijst den esele ter scholen om leeren, is een esele hij en zal gheen peert weder keeren, is een esele hij en zal gheen peert weder keeren, is een esele hij en zal gheen peert weder keeren, is een (“Even though the Ass goes to school to learn, he will not return as a horse”)
The root word stupid[1], which can be used as an adjective or a noun, is derived from the Latin verb stupere, which means “to be numb or amazed,” and is similar to stupor.
[two] The stupidus was the professional fall guy in the theatrical mimes in Roman society. [three]
The terms “stupid” and “stupidity” first appeared in the English language in 1541, according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Since then, “stupidity,” along with “fool,” “idiot,” “dumb,” “moron,” and similar words, has been used as a derogatory term for misdeeds committed due to a lack of mental ability, whether intentional or unintentional.