Solving literal equations worksheet answers

Solving literal equations worksheet answers

Solving literal equations worksheet doc

7. ax by c 9. V LWH for L r 2h for h 12. 7 x y 14 for W for r x y E I for I yz for z r 2L a b c 2y z r 2L a b c 2y z r 2L a b c 2y z r 2L a b c 2y z r 2L a b c 2 1. T P IR 5. x 15 y 9. L V WH 2A x 17. b 3F a c 18. 7 x y 14 for W for r x y E I for I yz for z r 2L a b c 2y z

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The third unit of Algebra 1 is all about solving equations and putting them to use. Since 1-step and 2-step equations were covered in Unit 1: Foundations of Algebra, we begin with multi-step equations.
Students were given a full-sized flowchart over solving one-variable equations in addition to the notes that went into our composition books. As a class, we did an example, and then I laminated a collection for students to use with dry-erase markers whenever they like. When working on homework in class, students referred to their notes and laminated flowcharts.
We then used the knowledge we had obtained to solve absolute value equations more quickly (without using the modified cover-up question mark method). That night, students were given the even-numbered problems as homework.
Students were given a flowchart for solving absolute value equations to refer to if they got stuck, in addition to the notes that went into the composition books. Here’s an example of how they could put it to use! I keep a class collection of these laminated, much like the others, so students can use dry erase markers on them if they get stuck. I like to color-code each form of flowchart so that they can quickly find the one they need from that device.

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We are often given a formula, such as a geometry formula, and we must solve for a variable other than the “ordinary” one. P = 4s, for example, is the formula for the perimeter P of a square with sides of length s. We would need to solve this equation for s because we have a lot of square perimeters to plug into one formula, and we want that formula (possibly in our graphing calculator) to spit out the value for the length of each square’s side. “Solving literal equations” refers to the method of solving a formula for a specific variable.
“Similar to or made up of letters” is one of the dictionary meanings of “literal,” and variables are often referred to as literals. So “solving literal equations” seems to mean “taking an equation with several letters and solving for one letter in particular.”
These exercises tend to be much more difficult than our normal solving exercises at first sight, but they aren’t. We basically do the same thing we’ve been doing for solving linear equations and other types of equations; the only significant difference being that, because of all the variables, we won’t be able to simplify our work as we move along, or as much as we’ve been doing at the end. Here’s how you solve literal equations:

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Literal Equations for a Certain Variable Math is Marvelous’ Tabular Graphic Organizer $1.00 for 12$ This tabular graphic organizer was designed to allow students to practice solving literal equations (such as formulas) for a given variable in a different way. Solving for rate (r) in the formula d = rt, for example, may be a challenge.