Sociology graduate programs that don t require gre

Sociology graduate programs that don t require gre

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In addition to the University’s minimum requirements and those listed above, all applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges attended (the department’s evaluation takes into account not only the applicant’s sociology record, but all undergraduate and graduate work, including coursework in English composition, logic, linguistics, and mathematics); and a state-issued identification card.
Although a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sociology or a related field is preferred, it is not required for admission to the department. Applicants do not have to score well on all possible metrics. Rather than focusing heavily on only one or two measures of specific abilities, the admissions committee, which typically consists of at least five faculty members and two advisory graduate student members, uses a variety of them. For example, when evaluating verbal skills, the committee looks at examples of written work, grades in courses that typically require comprehensive verbal skills, and verbal GRE scores, among other things.

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Yes, indeed. The majority of applicants are in this situation. You do not need to have a Master’s degree or even a background in sociology to apply. We’re looking for the most promising applicants who can complement our department’s strengths and thrive here.
It is unimportant whether or not you have taken sociology courses before applying. Each student’s application is evaluated based on their (1) GRE ratings, (2) grades, (3) letters of recommendation, (4) statement of academic intent, and, if applicable, (5) any work or study experiences that appear to be a good preparation for graduate sociology training. If you excel in the majority of these areas and we believe there is a good match between your interests and our department’s strengths, your application will be competitive.
No, it’s not true. For GRE ratings, there is no “cut off” point. We consider the merits of each application on an individual basis, taking into account all of the factors listed in the previous issue. High GRE scores will obviously improve your application’s competitiveness, but they do not guarantee acceptance, nor does any specific GRE score result in an automatic admission rejection.

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The Sociology Department has transitioned to an online-only service. Starting March 19, 2020, employees will be able to operate remotely. For general details, please contact [email protected] Please send an email to [email protected] if you need advising.
Applying to Graduate School in Sociology entails sending a series of materials that help us decide your suitability for our program, including an application questionnaire about your ambitions and more, university transcripts, a writing sample, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Since admission to our program is highly competitive, it is important that you carefully prepare your application materials. For answers to commonly asked questions by those considering Sociology at UW, please see our FAQ.
Applications submitted by midnight on December 1st will be considered by the admissions committee. We will consider applications received by midnight of the next business day if December 1st falls on a weekend or a national holiday when the school is closed.

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With the permission of the Graduate Program Director and the professors in charge of the respective coursework in question, students joining the program with a master’s degree are given exemptions for a maximum of 15 semester hours of meaningful graduate work. Students with an MA, MPH, MPA, or other advanced degree who have not completed a Master’s thesis would be expected to do so before moving on to the dissertation.
With the approval of the Graduate Program Director and the professors in charge of the respective coursework in question, students moving from another graduate program without a graduate degree can be given exemptions for a maximum of 12 semester hours of substantive graduate work (see graduate school rules).