Social security office lawrence ma

Social security office lawrence ma

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If you’ve misplaced, lost, or impaired your social security card, it’s important that you get a replacement in Lawrence MA as soon as possible. A social security card is required for jobs, loan applications, and government services such as retirement and disability benefits. You may also become a victim of a social security fraud such as identity theft if someone else obtains your social security number. The measures for replacing a social security card in Lawrence MA are listed below.

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The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is a federal government agency that administers Social Security, a social insurance policy that includes retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.
For more than 80 years, Social Security has given financial security to the citizens of our country. Social Security is one of the most active anti-poverty initiatives in our country’s history, including retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.
Social Security is dedicated to ensuring the basic safety and well-being of the people it serves. Over 60 million people receive benefits from them, including seniors, children, widows, and widowers. They provide support during life’s journey, from birth to marriage to retirement.
FDR signed the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935. In January 1937, taxes were first paid, and the first one-time lump-sum payments were made in the same month. In January 1940, regular monthly benefits were created. What we now know as Social Security only paid retirement payments to the main worker under the 1935 statute. Survivor’s rights and benefits for the retiree’s spouse and children were added to the legislation in 1939. Disability rights were introduced in 1956.

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If you’re applying for SSI, you can fill out a significant portion of your application online at www.socialsecurity.gov. You may also make an appointment with a Social Security agent by calling us toll-free at 877-669-3127.
When you apply, you can bring a few things with you. Even if you don’t have any of the items mentioned below, you can still apply. The people at the Social Security office will assist you in obtaining anything you want. Please carry the following items:
You’ll need to build a’my Social Security’ account if you paid for Social Security or are looking for benefits. This is an online account provided by the Social Security Administration that helps you to access and monitor your benefits as well as make adjustments to your Social Security record. My Social Security Number is
Public social insurance policies that compensate wages lost due to a serious physical or mental disability that makes it impossible for a formerly employed individual to function. Throughout the time of disability, cash payments are distributed to the disabled person and his or her qualifying dependents on a monthly basis.

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The following is information about the Social Security Office in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which is located in the 1843 zip code. We’ve gathered contact details for this location, which includes the Social Security Office address, phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions. If you have any concerns about your Social Security retirement benefits, we suggest that you call the Social Security Office mentioned below to schedule an appointment.
The Social Security Administration in Lawrence, MA will assist you with retirement, SSI, Medicare, and disability insurance, among other federal services. Your local Social Security Office will assist you with accepting applications, determining your eligibility for different services, hearing appeals if your request was rejected, and assisting individuals who are attempting to obtain their benefits. Both of these services, as well as others, are available at this location in Lawrence, Massachusetts, at 439 S Union St Suite 208.
Woodlawn, Maryland is home to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The Social Security Administration hires approximately 62,000 people who work in ten regional offices, eight distribution centers, 1,300 field offices (including this one in Lawrence), and 37 tele-service offices. In the United States, the SSA is divided into ten separate regions. Each of those regions has a central office that supervises the field offices spread throughout the country.