Smithsonian 3d solar system

Smithsonian 3d solar system

Smithsonian discover: space from silver dolphin books

Turn your living room into a planetarium! In your ceiling, hang a 3D full color Glow in the Dark Solar System. A sun and eight planets are included, as well as hooks and cord for hanging. The Planets have developed Oglo Technology, which allows them to shine extremely brightly in the dark.
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Solar system 3-d model / mobile kit

Turn your living room into a planetarium! Hang this 3D, full-color Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System from your ceiling, courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution. Adult supervision is important. Planets use Oglo technology to shine in the dark in the same colors as the daytime. Any light will charge it, and it will shine brightly. The set includes the Sun, as well as eight planets with hooks and a cord for hanging.
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Solar system kit

Sun, 8 Planets with 9 Hooks, 60″ (152.4 cm) Clear String for Hanging Planets and Sun, and specific Instructions are included in this kit. Adult assembly and supervision are required. Scissors are required but not included.
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Diy i how to make a 3d solar system model

Your room becomes a planetarium with the NSI 3-D Hanging and Glowing Solar System. The 3-D glow-in-the-dark solar system hangs from your ceiling in full color. Community Sales, Inc. is a corporation that specializes in sales. Since 1991, Group Sales, Inc has strived to be the first distributor of high-quality toys and gifts by meeting the challenge with the highest-quality items at fair prices. By becoming the US distributor for brands like New Bright’s remote controlled line and NSI’s arts and crafts products, Community Sales, Inc has broadened their product offering for consumers of all ages and interests. Party Sales, Inc also sells Zaidy’s top-of-the-line pet goods. Children aged 6 and up are recommended. The sun, eight planets, and a hanging cord are included. Turn your living room into a planetarium. Planets shine in the dark thanks to Oglo technology.
When opened, this product is as inexpensive as it comes. The planets don’t glow in the dark; they’re supposed to be suspended from the ceiling by cheap fishing line, of which there isn’t enough (though you’ll need to supply your own sticky tape); the planets are lightweight and small, made of cheap plastic, into which huge screws fit awkwardly; the sun is so heavy that it needs duct tape to stick it to the ceiling; the planets aren’t even colored correcly; the sun is so heavy that it requires duct tape to The fact that the Smithsonian is associated with this garbage is a disgrace to that great international institution.