Sims 4 error code

Sims 4 error code

[sims 4] error code 102 fixed

Save game errors occur when the player is unable to save their game. They may appear in all Sims games in principle, but they appear most often in The Sims 3 and The Sims Medieval. Only errors in The Sims 3 and The Sims Medieval will be discussed in this article.
The best alternative is to use ‘Save As’ instead of ‘Save’ on a new game file each time. This often serves as a backup by reducing the risk of losing unsaved game data due to file corruption.
Overcrowding on a lot can trigger the error, which can be fixed by Editing the Town, moving the offending lot, and then putting it back in its original position, effectively resetting the lot. [requires citation]
Additional remedies can be required if the error continues, at the user’s expense. Users should exercise caution when using the suggested solutions, as changing files could result in permanent damage to a saved game file or the game itself. Before attempting to fix the problem with any of the suggested solutions, the user should make a backup of their data.

How to fix error code 102:6ee24dd4:656c7982 in the sims 4

Keep in mind that the error number you get is important in its entirety. If you have a different code, your problem is not the same as this one and may be caused by a mod. For related problems, see Further Reading or this post: The map is reloaded when you load a family.
A corrupt relationship between Sims whose households can’t be loaded is the source of this mistake. It’s uncertain what triggers the corruption at this time, but it seems to have something to do with graduation and then moving together off-campus.
The corrupt relationship can be deleted and re-added. This restores playability to the broken home, but I haven’t done any long-term testing to see whether it stays fixed and whether there are any side effects.
You must decide which relationships are broken in both variations. I’m guessing it’s just Sims who were both in university at the same time. Attempt to fill the houses in your world. Those that don’t load are affected by one or more Sims.

[fixed] the sims 4 error code: 102:6ee24dd4

I don’t have any cc or mods, and I’ve been through the process of checking for updates many times. It starts up and tells me to update my Sims game (even though it is already up to date), and I am unable to save my game. It shows a message that reads, “Failure to save game Error Code: 0.” I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve tried several times to’repair,’ but nothing seems to work.
@MattminPro @MattminPro @MattminPro @ It worked for me after I used’save as…’ and then renamed the file. Mine had gotten mixed up and was called something ridiculously long with a lot of zeroes, so I just called it ‘what’ and it fixed itself. I hope this information was useful.

[sims 4] “game failed to load” error code: 102

Hello there!

The sims 4: how to fix error code 102

So I backed up my files, deleted it, fixed the game, then closed it and returned the files, but the error with that family persisted.

Game error code 102/122/123 – carl’s sims 4

Should I go about it in a different way?

Sims 4 error code 125 / solved

Thank you so much.
Hello once more,
So I used the mod checker, removed most of the broken obsolete stuff, and modified a bunch of plugins, but the problem still remains. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ve tried other things, such as splitting the family, but it corrupts the family they moved into before I re-unite them. I looked it up and it seems to be linked to career mods; are these known to trigger issues like these? Thank you so much.
Um, just a short update, but it seems that the problem was triggered by one of the holidays? I’ve played another family and then checked on the glitched family after the holiday was over and everything was fine??? So, if you’re having a glitch like this during the holidays, do you stick it out with another family or just end it?