Sims 3 private school

Sims 3 private school

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Nikita decides that Felicia Day should be sent to boarding school because Felix is nearly a teenager and Disco is committed to “lifting” KF Fighting. You can make this choice as early as when the child is in the Child life stage, but you can still do so when they are teenagers. Toddlers are excluded since they are too young to attend any school, let alone a private school.
Similar to Childhood After-school Programs, the key advantage of enrolling a child in a boarding school is that your child can learn work skills depending on which school you select. You can give a child a big boost by having them in if you have a clear plan for them. You won’t have to juggle their lives with your other Sims’, either.
The trade-off is that your Sim will have a chance to acquire characteristics that are similar to those of the school, so you’ll lose some influence over how the child is raised. It’s not irreversible; if your child develops a lot of characteristics you don’t want, you can still purchase the Mid-Life Crisis lifetime incentive and manually reset them. Of course, since the traits appear to prefer the same occupations and careers as the work skills, the traits may be just what you’re looking for. The costs and characteristics associated with each school are listed in a table at the bottom of this page.

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In The Sims 3: Generations, boarding school is a form of school. Sims can choose which boarding school their children and teenagers attend. There are five different types of boarding schools to choose from.
If their parents are able to pay the fees, boarding schools have a unique educational opportunity for children and teenagers. Students are taught a range of skills and characteristics at each boarding school. Sims may not acquire traits from boarding school; instead, their offensive traits can be replaced with another positive trait, depending on the type of school. No required traits are substituted if Sims don’t have any of the offensive traits. Sims who have graduated from boarding school will begin at level 2 of each school’s recommended careers.
Every day, children and teenagers have the opportunity to learn a new ability, develop an existing one, or substitute an offensive characteristic. Children can have up to two substituted traits, whereas teenagers can have up to three. Boarding school can teach children up to three new skills, while teenagers can learn up to four. Kids can only learn up to level 2, and teens can only learn up to level 4. This means that boarding school Sims have a small number of acquired skills.

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You must first get past the Headmaster if you want your Sim’s children to attend private school. Although impressing the Headmaster the first few times can be challenging, being prepared will ensure you pass the scenario and get the kids into private school!
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The sims 3 – private school

Have you ever wished you could take all of the kids in your house somewhere else for a while? Maybe you’re taking part in a Perfect Genetics competition and need more living room because you haven’t yet had a child with perfect genes. Maybe you’re just sick of picking up after a half-dozen slobbering rugrats. Whatever the case may be, I have a solution for you. Send the children to boarding school!
By default, you’ll see all of your played households here, but you can also see all of your unplayed households by selecting the Unplayed tab at the right. Both your active and boarding school households should be identified here, but if they aren’t, look under Unplayed. Choose your active family that includes the child you choose to send to boarding school.