Sharon high school powerschool

Sharon high school powerschool

March 9, 2021

Material of the Web Page Click on Family Canvas Sessions Memo 2020.pdf to learn more about Canvas. You can also get more information about Canvas Parent Support 2020-21.pdf by clicking on this page. Please click here to read more about Sharon’s volunteer opportunities. Please click here to read Mrs. Phelan’s Principals Message. Reading lists for the summer The folder can be found by clicking here. Please see the Sharon New Family and Open House Brochure.pdf for more information about Sharon Elementary and its past. Click here for an instructional video on how to stay linked with Sharon Elementary through the Eagle Eye Newsletter or Remind Me. Please see the video below for instructions about how to use the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

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The Sharon High School Environmental Club has partnered with the PTSO to provide a connection to HomeWorks Energy, which allows residents to schedule free energy assessments. Every three years, each home is eligible for a free assessment that includes new LED lightbulbs, smart power strips, water-saving shower heads, and more. Your insulation and heating/cooling systems could also be evaluated during the evaluation. The SHS Environmental Club will receive a small donation for each assessment completed, which it hopes to use to plant trees this spring.
The SHS PTSO grants scholarships to graduating seniors every year. This year, a majority of members of our Scholarship Committee are parents of seniors, so they are unable to serve. This committee is looking for 5-6 parents to work on it. Members of the committee can read application essays (with the names of applicants redacted for anonymity) and are required to keep application information private. The application process takes place in April and May and is a fantastic way to assist graduating seniors with college costs.

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Sharon High School (SHS) is a public high school in Sharon, Massachusetts, that serves the residents of the town. It is part of the Sharon Public Schools system which serves students in grades 9 through 12. The building is less than a mile from the town center, at 181 Pond Lane.
The student body is made up of 52 percent men and 47 percent women, with a total minority enrollment of 39.6%.
[3] Sharon High School was designated a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education in 2011.
[4] Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and tests are available to students. Sharon High School has a 62 percent AP enrollment rate.
The new structure was built in 1956 to replace the Charles R. Wilber School, which had previously served as the town’s high school.
[5] To the southeast of the high school, there is a track and field complex, as well as a baseball field, softball field, and five tennis courts.
[6] In 2013, SMMA was hired to conduct a current commissions report on the building in order to assess its capital requirements. Many shortcomings and issues were highlighted in the report. The building did not meet the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA) specifications, such as classroom sizes and science lab sizes, with just two of the eight laboratories meeting the requirements. [7] The study also identified administrative issues that were in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act,[8] for which the district was fined several times. [9] In addition, the structure lacked adequate space, was in poor and deteriorated condition, and had aging mechanical and electrical systems. Due to these issues, teachers must roll materials and change classes, students must eat lunch in the hallways, wheelchairs are unable to enter some areas of the school, water is allowed into the building due to wall cracks, cafeteria refrigerators must be stored outside, and winter sports must be conducted inside and in the hallways. [nine] [nine] (12)

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