Scarlet oak tavern menu

Scarlet oak tavern menu

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That day, the sky was enraged. The rain pelted the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and the trees danced to what seemed to be a fast-paced Ramones tune. We stayed together because of the bad weather…
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At the intersection of Whiting and Main streets, you’ll find this fine dining establishment. The Scarlet Oak Tavern has the appearance of a fancy barn on the outside, and the interior is dark, dim, and filled with delicious aromas. Grilled steaks, a well-stocked raw bar, and a variety of comfort food dishes like chicken pot pie are on the menu. There is a separate space upstairs for special occasions, as well as a wine room that can accommodate 14 people./p>

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Based on all-time ratings, the score is 4.3.


There aren’t enough recent ratings for this restaurant to show current ratings. a photograph 4.3service4.4food 4.3 atmosphere Moderate 4.1valueNoise 95% of people said they would suggest it to a neighbor. 5
On February 14, 2018, I dined there.Overall5food5service5ambience5
The Filet Mignon is out of this world. The sauce made with red wine reduction is to die for. Staff is always pleasant, and the setting is romantic. + Continue reading Prepare a report TNTimothyN TNTimothyN TNTimothyN New England is located in the United States. 2 user feedback
Overall3food4service2ambience3Dined on February 10, 2018Overall3food4service2ambience3
Arrived for a 7:30 reservation and was told they were running late and there would be a 10-15 minute wait, which turned into a 45 minute wait, which everyone with reservations said they were waiting for. The hostess did not manage the situation well, telling everyone the same wait time, which was not true at all. The waitress was excellent, and the food was excellent, but the start of the evening ruined the experience. + Continue reading LLmacdonald’s study New England is located in the United States. There are 13 reviews for this product.
Overall3food4service5ambience3Dined on February 10, 2018Overall3food4service5ambience3
For Valentine’s Day, we went here. I usually enjoy the Scarlett Oak, but this time I felt like I was at the 99. The entrance and exit were clogged due to the large number of people waiting in the tavern. It was difficult to find a seat. I appreciate the brown paper tablecloths for conserving water, but something a little more stylish, rather than functional, will elevate the experience. For special occasions, I prefer Scarlett Oak to Toscas, but I believe Toscas is better for a romantic dinner and Scarlett Oak is better for daily dining. Our server was fantastic. quite observant + Continue readingReportBHvipBilH 51 reviews of New England

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1 week ago, this was checked Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I’m devastated about a much-anticipated night out with my husband. Let’s just say it was a flop, and we ended up ordering Bertucci’s pizza! We took a seat in the pub, which was nearly empty. We were, however, compelled to…sit at the bar rather than at an empty table. The bartender was a thorn in my side! We tried to get her to warm up, but she said she “hated talking while wearing a mask.” We placed an order for drinks, which she reluctantly delivered, and then we didn’t see her again. After 20 minutes, she returned to take our order. The calamari was disgustingly chewy and tasteless, and it looked like big onion rings. After 70 minutes, we never got our meals. When we inquired about her whereabouts, she responded angrily, “I’ll get the boss.” We walked out and attempted to pay, but the manager apologized and offered to compensate us for our drinks and appetizer. I get it, this pandemic stinks, but if you can’t hold yourself together, don’t work in the service sector! My mouth was left with a really sour taste. It was a disaster. and more The visit will take place in April 2021. Is this information useful?

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Based on all-time ratings, the score is 4.3.

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There aren’t enough recent ratings for this restaurant to show current ratings. a photograph 4.3service4.4food 4.3 atmosphere 4.1 worth Moderate noise 95% of people said they would suggest it to a neighbor. 5
Overall3food4service5ambience3Dined on May 6, 2017Overall3food4service5ambience3
The service was good, and the food was delicious. We had made reservations for 5:00 p.m. and did not have to wait. sever was well-informed and friendly. My only complaint was the table, as I thought my seat was in the middle of the aisle, which was noisy and not particularly romantic. Continue reading New EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew There have been 5 ratings.
On April 30, 2017, I dined there.Overall2food2service4ambience2
My husband and I recently dined at Scarlet Oak Tavern and would not recommend it for the price. The service was excellent, but the highlight of our trip was the food. We sat in the main dining room, which felt like a cafeteria. Because of the layout of the space, noise tends to escalate. As workers bused tables, dishes and silverware were frequently heard, and babies crying and general table chatter filled the air. They were out of fish, which was a letdown. As an appetizer, I paid $25 for a seafood platter for one person. It was advertised as coming with a lobster tail, but it only came with half of one. My main course was the burger, which was burnt black on the outside (I ordered medium to medium well) and around half the size of the standard sized bun. My husband had a beet salad and a pasta dish, both of which he enjoyed. Our total bill was $90. (just food no drinks). Although our experience was not bad, I believe that at this price point, better ambiance and quality food can be found elsewhere. + Continue reading DJvipDJulianIIPittsburgh6 reviewsDJvipDJulianIIPittsburgh6 reviews