Sample opt out letter

Sample opt out letter

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I recognize that the school is mandated to provide state English and math assessments to all students in grades 3 through 8, but city and state officials have stated that parents have the right to refuse to allow their children to take these tests (“opt out”), and that students who do not take these tests cannot be fined, compelled to attend summer school or have a promotion portfolio, or kept back.
We believe that restoring educators’ autonomy is critical to our children’s education, and we trust our highly skilled and committed teachers and administrators. As we continue to take these steps, we hope to partner with you to make testing days educational for children who are not taking the exams.
MOSL – “Measure of Student Learning,” an unproven and contentious method of contrasting student development to that of other students in NYC for the sole purpose of teacher assessment and ratings.

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While many students appreciate some time away from class, others would rather be in class. A significant number of students would like a way out due to worries about losing instructional time in preparation for finals and AP exams in May, as well as a general distrust of standardized tests.
Parents who want to use a sample letter that contains all of the appropriate elements can download this letter, which is a sample letter from the California Teachers Association (CTA) that has been filled in with Kennedy’s specifics. Click the previous link to download a.docx file of the letter, or click here to download a.pdf file. A student must print the letter and complete the blanks with his or her name and a parent or guardian’s signature. Parents can also write their own opt-out letter if the SCUSD’s opt-out letter conditions are met.
Students should carry a signed letter from a guardian to Mrs. Brown’s office, which is located to the right of the therapy office, and request a copy for their own records after receiving a signed letter from a guardian.

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The only thing you need to do to opt your child out of standardized testing is write a letter to your school’s principal or testing coordinator. It can clearly say that they will not be taking the tests you are opting them out of, or it can go into depth on why you are doing so. The letters below were used in CPS to opt children out of standardized tests.
Linda Schmidt and Andre LeMoine, whose children attend A.N. Prizker School and the Whitney Young Academic Center, wrote the following. The letter was initially sent via email to the required teachers and administrators, with a hard copy sent the next day to school.
We, the parents of [student], are writing to notify you that during the 2013-14 school year, he will not be participating in NWEA MAP, REACH, or ISAT testing. We are opting him out of these assessments for a variety of reasons, but the following are the most important: • We agree that testing and associated practices like test-prep drilling, school pep rallies encouraging testing, incentives for success, and the displaying of test data on classroom walls all have a negative effect on our son’s social-emotional well-being.

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Do you have any questions about when your child will be tested? Are you curious about the exams that will be administered at your school? The links to the SPS evaluation calendar are given below. The testing schedule for grades K-8 can be found here. Tap here for grades 9-12.
Opting out is the most effective weapon parents have to combat testing while still having control for activities that kids need more of, such as art, physical activity, and instructional time. It’s now or never to write your opt-out message.
Please provide a secure and comfortable place for my child to do homework, read, or engage in a meaningful learning activity. My child will need unlimited access to his or her backpack and lunch. If you have any concerns, please contact me.