Saint bridget school framingham ma

Saint bridget school framingham ma

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Saint Bridget School is a catholic, Christian school that provides a high-quality education. Every day, our pupils, from PreSchool (3 years old) to Grade 8, are challenged morally, academically, socially, and physically. They are heavily involved in St. Bridget Parish as well as the Framingham neighborhood. Saint Bridget School has a long history of academic excellence, and our students continue their education at many of the area’s private and parochial high schools after they graduate from eighth grade. Saint Bridget School is committed to Christian formation, a high-quality education, and the holistic development of students in a Catholic faith culture.
5th of March, 2021 Parent-Teacher Relationships During The Pandemic K-12 education has always put a premium on strong parent-teacher relationships. Parent-teacher relationships have become even more important during this never-ending pandemic.
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FRAMINGHAM, ENGLAND — Students at St. Bridget School in Framingham are unsure when they will obtain the list of electives available in the upcoming trimester. When the time comes, they are instructed to read the options silently and rank their top three choices. This means they won’t be able to consult with their peers or enroll in the same courses as their classmates. Instead, the electives combine students from grades six through eight, putting together students of various ages who have common interests. Each student takes three electives during the academic year, which rotate by trimester. Veterinary research, a stock market contest, and sign language have also been electives in previous years. Caricatures and quilling are the most recent additions to the list of choices (also called paper filigree). Students in this year’s elective “Around the World in 80 Days” study various cultures and present plans for hypothetical trips. To avoid adding to the students’ workload, there are no assessments or grades. Cathleen Chaves, principal of St. Bridget School, began the electives program three years ago. It has two goals, according to her: helping students make friends outside of their normal peer groups and exposing students to fields they may not think about until high school or college.

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Welcome to the online auction for the Saint Bridget School PTO!

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Thank you for coming to look at the auction items that are available. The proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Saint Bridget School PTO. Your gift will have a significant effect on the students and faculty at Saint Bridget School. We are grateful for your generosity!
You are free to bid on as many things as you want. On Friday, November 4th, 2016, bidding will close at 9 p.m. Bidders with the highest bid will be automatically informed by email once bidding closes. After that, you’ll be asked to pay for your item using PayPal. Please contact Jenn Ryan at [email protected] to make payment arrangements if you prefer to pay by cash or check.
All *paid* things can be picked up at the school on Saturday, November 5th during Comedy Night.
Simply contact Jenn Ryan to arrange ([email protected]) if you’ve paid for your item and would like it sent home in your child’s backpack. If you are not a Saint Bridget School family and have won an item, please email Jenn and we will make arrangements for your item to be shipped or picked up.

Saint bridget framingham

1st grade – For our all-school baby shower, we decorated the entire cafeteria. We collected diapers and baby items for Birthright of Framingham and A Place to Turn in Natick during the month of January, both of which provide services to families in need. Over 6500 diapers and baby products were collected. We had a baby shower on Monday afternoon to thank all of the students for their service and to show Birthright and A Place to Turn all of the things we got, rather than just having an ice cream social for the sake of it. The first grade decorated the cafeteria with handmade baby shower decorations. Mrs. Cathleen Chaves, the principal, revealed where everyone went (i.e. their service field trips) and how much we had earned when the whole school gathered in the cafeteria for blue and pink cupcakes.
Tuesday – Students are Honored – Our students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 participated in a school-wide spelling football tournament on this day. We had 4 divisions: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and each division had 4 teams (4 homerooms) and they played in a 3-game round robin. The division winners then competed in a semi-final to see who will advance to the Spelling Football Superbowl at the end of the day. Kindergarten (KB) vs. 5th grade were the final two teams (5L). Kindergarten words were spelled as Kindergarten words, and fifth grade words were spelled as fifth grade words. The whole school tuned in to watch the final. Throughout the day, parents were kept informed, and the parents of the two final teams were invited to attend. In the end, 5th grade came out on top, with Kindergarten coming in second. It was an amazing event with lots of cheering and great camaraderie.