Saint agatha school milton ma

Saint agatha school milton ma

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Divide the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers to get the student/teacher ratio. Please keep in mind that a lower student-to-teacher ratio does not always imply a smaller class size. Schools occasionally employ part-time teachers, and some teachers are hired for specialized teaching with limited class sizes. The student-to-teacher ratio is influenced by these and other factors. Pre-Kindergarten may not be included of the student/teacher ratio in private schools.

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Saint Agatha School educates children in kindergarten through eighth grade in the gospel. English, math, science, computers, history, geography, and physical education are among the subjects covered. Extended-day care and after-school services are available at the school. Fairs, field days, tournaments, and fundraiser activities are all organized by Saint Agatha School. Painting, carpentry, and plumbing competitions are also held at the school. Breakfast and lunch are served to students. St. Agatha Parish, which runs music and Eucharistic ministries, is affiliated with the college. St. Agatha Parish, which was established in 1922, has an outreach program that allows members to participate in community service programs. It also collaborates with a charitable group that helps low-income children. Milton, Massachusetts is home to Saint Agatha College.

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I can only express my gratitude for our decision to send our children to Saint Agatha School. Aside from the excellent academics, there is a strong sense of family at this school. I couldn’t ask for anything more than kids who care for one another, teachers who are always available, and an administration that listens.
St. Agatha’s has been a wonderful experience for us. The PreK program is a wonderful combination of learning and fun. Our child returns home cheerful and enthusiastic about his day. His teachers are enthusiastic and supportive of my child’s unique needs. We are overjoyed that we discovered St. Agatha’s.
After visiting many schools for my young boy, I decided on Saint Agatha’s. The true sense of being a member of a close-knit community separates Saint Agatha’s from other colleges. Speaking with the early childhood teachers at the open house when I first visited the school, I could tell they were passionate about what they were doing. Choosing a school for a young child can be a challenging and terrifying activity. I had no doubts about sending my child to Saint Agatha’s, and I have no regrets now that he is in his second year. Mrs. Carr is wonderful; you couldn’t ask for a more loving and supportive principal!

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St. Agatha School, in Milton, Massachusetts, serves a multicultural and academically diverse community of over 600 students from 19 different communities.

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The school program meets or exceeds the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks’ expectations, and the school is working to integrate the National Core Curriculum standards into the new curriculum.

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The school is built to meet the needs of primary, intermediate, and middle school students.
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Extracurricular activities
Book Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Fitness, Floor Hockey, Irish Step Dancing, Knitting & Sewing Club, Lego Club, Mandarin/ Chinese Classes, Math League, Piano Lessons, Robotics, School Chorus, Voice Lessons Notes from School SUBMIT A FREE INFORMATION REQUEST Schools that are connected
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