Russian community in houston

Russian community in houston

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Our goal is twofold: to strengthen the cultural and social relations of our community’s 70,000+ Russian-speaking people with the diverse community of the Greater Houston area, while also promoting programs and services that preserve and sustain our emigre community’s Slavic cultural heritage.
Art, education, cultural, and philanthropic activities are all part of our mission to promote Russian culture. It also involves active involvement in local charities and activities that support our mutual purpose of living, working, and raising our families in Houston.
KHOKHLOMA, our one-of-a-kind puppet theater, is an important part of our artistic endeavors. Elena Suvorova Philips, an artist and doll maker, began collecting puppets in 2010 and created the theater in 2012. The troupe performs lively Russian folk tales as well as adaptations of classic plays.
Puppet Theater KHOKHLOMA, Balls and Disco Nights, Movie Nights, Special Topic Presentations, Folk Dance Performances, Discussion Groups, Festivals, and Art Exhibitions are just a few of the activities planned to attract audiences from the American, Russian, and other communities represented in the greece. The following is a partial list of our recent activities:

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South of I-10, on the far west side of town. Because of the large number of oil companies in the region, some of this area is referred to as “The Energy Corridor.” This might entice some Russians to come to this part of town.
In comparison to New York City or Los Angeles, Houston does not have a large ethnic population. There are no zoning restrictions, so people can live wherever they want. We have Russians all over the place. I keep running into them. Houston is a culturally diverse community with a large population. The Ooompa Loompas are the only strong ethnic group we have. They live near the world’s largest chocolate factory, which is located in Houston. I hope this information is useful.
I miss the abundance of russian delis and restaurants that I had grown accustomed to in Sacramento, California… However, having spent time in Katy and Pasadena, I didn’t see a large russian group as I did in Sac. County—in fact, I rarely saw russians/people speaking russian during my shopping time in Katy and Pasadena. My neighbors in Sac County, who were once part of various parts of the Soviet Union, are often discussing moving to Idaho. I’m curious if the houston area is being considered by Russians as a possible destination.

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Russian community in houston on line

All true Russian believers and other Orthodox Christians who reside in the God-protected city of Houston are invited to attend our wonderful and glorious temple, which Fr. Lubomir, the sisterhood, and members of St. Vladimir’s Church have organized.
The divine services, baptisms, weddings, and other significant church-related events may all be performed at St. Vladimir’s temple. At the same time, St. Vladimir’s is the spiritual heart of Houston’s Russian community. Come in peace for a time of corporate prayer and fellowship with your brothers. Spend time in faith and spirit with your Russian brothers and sisters with God’s support and blessing.