Robots from the sky part 4

Robots from the sky part 4

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The episode opens in Morristown’s lead-lined bunker, shortly after the previous episode’s conclusion, with Mighton telling Sonic and Tails that it was a privilege to save the world alongside them before giving them a tour of the capital. Sonic responds by saying they must return home, at which point he receives a call from Amy on his Communicator, leading Mighton and Bolts to believe the two are dating; humiliated, Sonic changes his mind and informs her that he and Tails will remain in Morristown for a little longer, abruptly cutting the call off.
Meanwhile, at Eggman’s lair, Orbot and Cubot are chipping away at the ice covering the still-frozen Hypnobot; once they’ve done, Eggman jump-starts Hypnobot’s battery to reactivate him. Hypnobot, who still despises organics, tries to enlist the help of Orbot and Cubot to shield him, but his hypno-ray is ineffective. Eggman reintroduces himself, reminding Hypnobot of the time he kidnapped him and used him for evil; Orbot quickly persuades him to change the topic to how he rescued Hypnobot from the frozen lake. Hypnobot expresses mild appreciation, remembering that, unlike Tails, Eggman did not abandon him; the two soon become friends due to their shared dislike of him and Sonic.

Sonic boom robots from the sky part 4 ending

[Outside Morristown, the party hears some hammering.] The residents’ robots flee for their lives. The glass bursts, and all of Eggman’s robots, including Dr. Eggman, infiltrate Morristown.]
[Mighton throws a jab at a Mantis Bot.] Sticks is hurled by Knuckles towards Mega. She lands on Mega’s hand and flees, attempting to attack its head with her bo before Moth Bot catches her. Onboard Moth Bot, the Cubot prototypes laugh appreciatively. With his wrench, Tails flies up and releases Sticks. Knuckles manages to grab her. Amy notices a Spider Bomb approaching them and hammers it away into a Bee Bot, killing it. Sonic is struck by a missile fired by Friendbot, which is powered by Hypnobot. Sonic returns and reroutes it to a Mantis Bot. Bolts re-grows his arm by wrapping it around two Scorpion Bots and releasing the thread. Cowbot mooses and fires missiles at Bolts, which strike him square in the face and paralyze him.]
[Sonic, in slow motion, leaps over Mighton’s arm rocket, gathers Bolts, and dashes to the hiding place’s corridor, where he opens the chute and falls in. The rocket arm collides with a wall. The rest of Team Sonic dashes down the same hallway and takes cover. They find Sonic and Bolts at the entrance to the lead-lined bunker until all of the enemy robots have left. [Everyone leaps into the chute.]

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I’m sure plenty of my fellow thirty-somethings have sighed with relief that cartoons haven’t lost their appeal as we’ve gotten older; in reality, I’d go so far as to suggest that we’re in the midst of a cartoon revival, with numerous franchises effectively walking the line between children’s entertainment and veiled adult humor, garnering cult followings.
The popularity of these shows is primarily due to the authors’ understanding of their target audience, and the Sonic Boom writers have clearly done their homework. I’ve lost track of how many references to the Sonic world the show has already made, and it’s amazing that 75 episodes later, the jokes and in-jokes are still going high. To date, the series has been delightfully self-aware, clever enough for younger viewers to enjoy the action and slapstick while deliberately cliché and self-referential to give a wink and a nudge to older audiences, or a comical reprieve for parents who have likely already endured endless hours of Peppa Pig.

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DESCRIPTION: (from a March 2014 press release from Cartoon Network) Sonic Boom(TM) is a trademark of Sonic Boom, Inc. Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the most famous video game characters for over two decades, and this year a new branch of the Sonic universe, Sonic Boom, debuts (TM). The franchise’s first-ever CG animated television series, an action-packed comedy adventure, will premiere on Cartoon Network with help from a comprehensive video game release of the same name, with a new look for Sonic and friends. The Sonic Boom television series will premiere on Cartoon Network in the 2014/2015 season, coproduced by SEGA(R) of America, Inc. and OuiDO! Productions.