Robert mann dance centre

Robert mann dance centre

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Visiting this school was one of the most HORRIBLE experiences I’ve ever had. First and foremost, the proprietor was unfriendly. You can cut the BS and pretentiousness if you like, but they’re a corporation…
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Children and adults of all ages will learn to dance at the Robert Mann Dance Centre. Students as young as two and a half years old are welcome to begin a dance partnership that promotes development and discipline. Ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, modern, hip hop, theatre, and ballroom are among the forms of dance offered, which are divided into age groups. For more information on registration, fees, and class schedules, contact the studio or go to the a href=”http://www.robertmanndance.com/index.html”>website/a>. / p>

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Mr. Robert Mann serves on the national and local faculties of Dance Masters of America, Dance Education of America Inc., The North American Tap Dance Association, The American Dance Awards, and the Headliners Competitions as a dance instructor or adjudicator.

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We at the Robert Mann Dance Centre understand the importance of choosing the right school, and we are grateful that you choose us. If you’re dancing for fun or as part of a potential career, the training you receive may mean the difference between success and failure.

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There are a few things to look for when choosing a dance school for yourself or your child: professionalism, consistency, and, most importantly, experience. Forever Dancing Robert Mann, conveniently located at 214-10 41st Avenue in Bayside, call (718) 225-3696, is one of the few dance studios in the city that meets these three criteria. Their trained, experienced dance instructors have received their training at some of the best studios in the world. They will teach you or your child to dance in private or community lessons, whether you are a novice or a professional dancer. Each student receives individualized attention in order to ensure that he or she understands the strategies learned and achieves the highest level of success possible.
Forever Dancing Robert Mann provides a wonderful preschool curriculum that focuses on learning balance, rhythm, and simple ballet movements in children. Under the expert guidance and direction of the qualified professionals at Forever Dancing Robert Mann, faith, elegance, and style grow.

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The perfect customer for the Robert Mann Dance Centre is someone who wants to learn to dance for personal purposes or as a profession. We help others by providing a safe space for them to explore their creative side and take on new challenges.
Thank you for visiting the Robert Mann Dance Centre’s website to learn more about it. If you’re dancing for fun or as part of a potential career, the training you receive may mean the difference between success and failure. The RMDC has emphasized the importance of quality dance education and meeting the needs of both our students and the dance community since its establishment in 1965. Because of its technical distinction and committed teaching staff, the RMDC has achieved excellence in the dance community.
Mr. Robert Mann has hand-picked each and every member of the teaching team. They are experienced dancers and dance instructors who have demonstrated their commitment to the dance school’s students and the teaching profession. The Dance Masters of America, Inc., the oldest and largest dance instructor organization in the United States, has accredited Mr. Mann and many of the dance school faculty to teach.