Robert d ahlgren law office

Robert d ahlgren law office

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Since 1973, the law firm of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C. has specialized in immigration and nationality issues. We represent individuals and companies in a wide range of immigration matters, including family and employment-based cases, removal protection, U.S. citizenship, and appeals.
Barack Ferrazzano’s original vision in 1984 was to create a new paradigm that shifted away from conventional “mega-firm” approaches and instead concentrated on offering high-quality, effective, team-oriented services. Our founding partners, two highly regarded Northwestern University law professors and two former members of a prominent Chicago firm, were quickly joined by like-minded colleagues searching for an alternative to the large law firm climate. We’ve been slowly growing for quite some time now…

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Since 1973, Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C. has specialized in immigration law in the Chicago area. The firm is using the LS-Lite method to digitally fingerprint Green Card applicants in order to speed up background checks.
The LS-Lite device automatically sends digital fingerprints and other information to the Illinois State Police in Joliett, then to the FBI for lookup and background check processing. The findings of the background check are immediately sent back to the law firm to help them better search for Green Card eligibility.
Robert Ahlgren, the firm’s founder and principal attorney, is a published author and respected expert on immigration law. He speaks to local and national groups about immigration law on a regular basis. “We studied a range of available livescan fingerprint systems and quickly focused on Secure Outcomes’ system because of its ease of use, references, and competitive pricing,” Mr. Ahlgren said. We’ve been using the device for about a month. I believe it is a wise investment for the company, as it will expedite the Green Card process for our clients.”

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Allison Lukanich is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based Associate Attorney at Melo & Rojas PLLC. Allison has volunteered at the Artesia and Karnes detention centers on many occasions. Her commitment to helping detained families in court and on appeal has encouraged other members of her chapter to move to Dilley and Karnes to take on similar cases.
Six lawyers from the Law Offices of Robert D. Ahlgren & Associates, P.C. (Monica E. Eav, Kathleen M. Vannucci, Victoria Carmona Fehr, Tess E. Feldman, Giovanna Valdez, and Lindsay Wunrow) have volunteered their time to volunteer at Artesia and Dilley. Monica and Kathleen started the Chicago Remote Bond Project in September 2014, which is still going strong. Unaccompanied minors, women and children referred by the CARA project who are living near Chicago are also receiving assistance from the firm with their asylum applications.
Elizabeth Matherne is a Cumming, Georgia-based solo practitioner. Elizabeth was named the Georgia-Alabama Chapter’s first Chapter Pro Bono Champion since she created, designed, implemented, and oversaw the chapter’s new Attorney of the Day Program, under which she prepared, arranged, and supervised attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to unrepresented UACs and their guardians at the Atlanta Immigration Court. Since its inception in the fall of 2015, the software has aided tens of thousands of UACs. Elizabeth has conducted well-attended mock trials at both the Atlanta and Stewart Immigration Courts. She also oversaw numerous lawyers who provided pro bono representation to mentally ill prisoners in Stewart Immigration Court proceedings.