Rivulet in a sentence

Rivulet in a sentence

Rivulet word in sentence with pronunciation

Desperate housewives appeared on their front stoops, and when they smelled the distinctive acid odour, they lost control of their own consumerism; they coughed, heaved, and brought out more and more vomit, which cascaded down the Carpenter Gothic stairs to join the rivulet, and it became a river – and then a torrent.
Many of its popular styles, such as Western swing, “cowboy” music, string bands (a precursor to bluegrass), gospel, and boogie, had started to disappear from the mainstream to rivulet status by the early 1950s.

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You may have memorized words like: English meaning of the word “rivulet” when you first started learning English; however, now that you have a better understanding of the language, there is a better way for you to learn the meaning of “rivulet” through sentence examples.
In English, both of the sections of speech are used to construct sentences. The subject and the verb are both present in any sentence (this is also known as the predicate). The person or thing who does something or is mentioned in the sentence is the subject. The action taken by the person or thing, or the definition of the person or thing, is the verb. A sentence isn’t complete unless it has a subject and a verb (for example, in the sentence “Went to Bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).
There is at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause in a complex sentence containing the word “rivulet.” Dependent clauses may refer to the independent clause’s subject (who, which), sequence/time (since, while), or causal elements (because, if).

How to pronounce rivulet

The fog condensed in rivulets that raced each other down the kitchen window panes to pool on the painted sill as we washed the endless piles of dishes after Christmas dinner.
Some of Feasel’s new paintings, especially «Thaw» (2001), in which two thin rivulets link nearly full and nearly empty halves of the canvas, appear stretched compositionally to the point of collapse.
Thermokarst failures, in contrast to the gradual, top-down melting of permafrost, unleash rapid bursts of carbon-rich organic content, when rivulets of water from melting ice cut deep channels into the soil and carry the carbon into rivers or the ocean.
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These freshly hatched mollusks, though aquatic in nature, lived for twelve to twenty hours on the duck’s feet, in moist air; and in that time, a duck or heron might travel at least six or seven hundred miles, and if blown across the sea to an oceanic island, or to some other distant point, would eventually alight on a pool or rivulet.
On February 28, 1640, John Mason held seven parcels in the Windsor land inventory, six of which were granted to him: “a home lot with some additions to it”, “in the Palisado where his house stands and mead adjoining” ; “in the first mead on the north side of the rivulet, for mead and addition in swamp” ; “in the northwest field for upland” “with some addition on the bank side”