Rivers in russia crossword

Rivers in russia crossword

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Russia is divided into two parts: European and Asian. The Ural Mountains are widely regarded as the dividing line. The Arctic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea drain the European portion. The Asian portion of the lake drains into the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.
Pechora, Volga, Don, Kama, Oka, and the Northern Dvina are prominent Russian rivers in Europe, while the Dniepr and the Western Dvina originate in Russia but flow into other countries.
The rivers are grouped by the seas or oceans into which they flow in the table below. Rivers that flow into other rivers are ranked according to how close their point of confluence is to the main river’s mouth, with the lower ranked rivers being further upstream.

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We’re here to assist you with your problem. What are some of the crossword-solving stumbling blocks? This Wordplay series looks at topics you may be unfamiliar with that often appear in crossword puzzles, so the next time you’re stumped about which European river runs through Orsk (it’s the Ural), you’ll be able to confidently fill it in. We’ll also show you how these names can be clued so you can remember them the next time they’re mentioned. The clues that use wordplay to deceive you are bolded to make them easier to find and to teach you how to think like the puzzle creators.

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