Rate my professor mccc

Rate my professor mccc

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This community college is a complete embarrassment. Sure, every school is what you make of it, but you can practically beg for assistance while being pointed in both directions. Professors of mediocre quality (finding a good professor is exceedingly difficult) and curriculum of mediocre quality. Just come here if you have a genuine need.
After attending Moore and Temple, it’s an unfair contrast, but it’s like a pretend school with pitiful offerings. Unsanitary buildings, ineffective classes/curricula, and incompetent teachers. Admin is horribly disorganized, with a shocking lack of contact. The cafeteria is a farce. However, there are a few gems that make it possible to learn something there.
When I first registered with Mercer, my boys were young, and it was difficult for me, so I left and returned to finish it. I just finished two classes this semester and have 12 more to go. I’m not sure how I’ll pay for my lessons. Mercer, on the other hand, truly collaborates with you.
My tenure at Mercer has not been fun. Classes that I need for my degree are either not available or closed before the semester starts. After a few instances where people followed me to my car, which is a long distance from the actual buildings, I no longer feel comfortable taking classes on campus. To be honest, I could move and finish somewhere else.

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The facilities are lovely, well-kept, and small—the only real problem is that there is a Middle College program with a bunch of ninth and tenth graders running around during the early afternoon (7:30-2:20), which isn’t a big deal but could pose a challenge to those easily distracted. The faculty is polite in general, and the facility is well maintained.
It’s adequate for a small community college; there’s little to complain about except the relentless construction, and the middle college students can be obnoxious. Aside from that, I haven’t had any negative experiences.
It’s a nice campus, but we don’t have the money that a larger university would have. There aren’t many good research areas, and we can’t use classrooms that aren’t in use, so we have to go off campus. The food is decent, but there are plenty of cheaper choices off campus. I like it here, but I don’t want to sit here indefinitely.
Monroe Community College is a good community college that cares for its students and their education. Listen, judging this position purely on the basis of its social status and geographic location is insane. You’ve come to Understand. It is not to be amused. Having said that, I had a great time at Monroe and, to be frank, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken. Come in to get your two years of probation.

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Take all of your math, science, and engineering classes here if you’re an engineering major. I wish I had taken as many of the courses available here in order to move to university. For the most part, the professors here are much superior to those you would find at university. You will thank yourself if you finish your degree here.
The school is not the issue; however, the advisers need significant assistance. I believe they intentionally messed up the students’ credits in order to get them to pay more money to take lessons. Almost every student I’ve met has had the same issue with their advisor messing up their credits, forcing them to extend their stay. Please double-check your credits.
If you’re not sure what you want to do, it’s a good idea to start here. Professors are usually very good at what they do. One gripe I have is that the advisors are dreadful. I had four separate advisors appointed to me over the course of two years, and I only met two of them. Another individual was also incredibly rude to me. There was only one person worth meeting.

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Each of Kalinowski’s students was directly sponsored to attend the National High School Strength Coaches Association regional conference. The National High School Strength Coaches Association had to reformat its in-person event in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which was a day-long symposium devoted to exploring curriculum design, tournaments, and strength and conditioning technology.
In the days leading up to the country’s shutdown, Kalinowski had urged his students to attend the meeting. Due to the financial implications of the closure, Kalinowski agreed to help all of his HPE 242 students, according to Dean of Health Professions Kevin Duffy.
Kalinowski said, “Any one of my colleagues would’ve done it.” “Teachers and coaches do what they do because they want to help others, because they want to make a difference, because they want to ignite passions, and because they want to see people reach their full potential.”
Kalinowski, a native of Bristol, Pennsylvania, has over 20 years of experience as an athletic performance coach, personal trainer, and consultant. He has been an athlete his whole life, competing in baseball, basketball, football, and gymnastics.