Radio cantico nuevo 1530 am

Radio cantico nuevo 1530 am

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WJDM (1530 AM “Radio Cantico Nuevo”) was a Spanish language Christian radio station licensed to Elizabeth, New Jersey (the seat of Union County, New Jersey), that last broadcasted in Spanish. The transmitter for the station was in Union Township, Union County, New Jersey. WELA’s call letters were modified in January 1971 to prevent confusion with WERA Plainfield, New Jersey (1590 kHz), which went off the air in 1997 after being purchased by WWRL 1600 kHz New York, New York and shut down to expand that station’s coverage area to the west.
The station began broadcasting as WELA on March 11, 1970, with the following jingle: (Drumroll) – Announcer: “Now that you’ve heard the rest, it’s time to hear the best!” (Chorus: “W-E-L-A, You’ve never seen it quite like this!”) [requires citation] Music, mostly middle-of-the-road (MOR), adult contemporary, and rock ‘n roll oldies, were mixed in with local news and facts in the original format. The station gained notoriety for its coverage of an explosion at the Linden, New Jersey Bayway Refinery shortly after 11 p.m. on Saturday, December 5, 1970, which left local residents fearful for their lives for the rest of the day.

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More information about WJDM 1530 Radio Cantico Nuevo, an online radio station, can be found here: – More details about your radio station’s country According to our information, the radio station WJDM 1530 Radio Cantico Nuevo is broadcasting from the state of New Jersey. More information is available at: New Jersey is a state in the United States’ Northeastern and Middle Atlantic areas. New York State borders it on the north and east, the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast and south, Pennsylvania on the west, and Delaware on the southwest. New Jersey is the smallest state in the union, but it is the 11th most populous and heavily populated of the 50 states. The combined statistical areas of New York City and Philadelphia include all of New Jersey.

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The tiny gray gadget is the focal point at Radio Cántico Nuevo (RCN), a Spanish language ministry radio station that now broadcasts on a new frequency (97.5 FM) from its new headquarters in Bensonhurst (8700 18th Avenue).
The board of directors of RCN signed a $1.6 million deal with the station’s former owner Ted Schober earlier this year, and the company’s expansion was celebrated on April 8 at Sunset Park’s Iglesia Asamblea de Dios Pentecostal (230 47th Street).
The broadcasts reveal a lot about the Tri-State Area’s Spanish-speaking listeners’ interests. Global counterterrorism operations and the 2016 presidential primaries are among the other issues covered in the Tuesday night version.
Johnny Romero, news director of RCN, the radio network of Bensonhurst’s Jóvenes Cristianos Pentecostal Church, founded by Pastor Erick Salgado, produces and broadcasts La Red Mundial de Noticias (global news network) every day.
According to Salgado, Radio Cántico Nuevo began 13 years ago, on April 8, 2003, with only a single radio frequency in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Radio Cántico Nuevo (103.9FM New Jersey/1440 AM Long Island), RCN Broadcasting (740 AM New York/Connecticut), and Radio Cántico Nuevo 1530 AM/97.5 FM New Jersey/106.3 New York are all part of the network.

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“Radio Cantico Nuevo” was licensed to broadcast a Spanish language Christian radio format on WJDM 1530 AM. 1000 watts during the day, 670 watts at night and during critical hours It had been a long time since the station had been lit. Instead of the TIS station, it would have been a perfect addition to the Union County (NJ) Division of Emergency Services. SP
What was discovered last night was that the previous license holder (Radio Cantico Nuevo) had been approached by other groups about an LMA or outright purchase, all of which were turned down outright.
An old line kilowatt family broadcaster was in a similar situation here. The owner died, and his wife took over the station, kept the DJs, and kept it on the air for a while, but she couldn’t run it, and she received some good offers, including from former employees who wanted to keep it running. People were perplexed as to why she turned down the offers, which were very lucrative. She eventually went off the air, informing the FCC that the transmitter was old and couldn’t be repaired due to a lack of parts. At the very least, she got money for the land on which the towers stood, two towers, I believe. People asked why she didn’t sell the license to anyone else instead. Is it possible that this is the case? Elizabeth, WJDM also sounds familiar. Did they have one of the first 1660 kHz extended band stations? If my recollection serves me correctly, it was anything like those call letters and Elizabeth, and they worked hard to get it to address an underserved community. It was a novelty to hear a station at 1660 on my enlarged GE radio at the time. Baby-boomer