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As compared to similar students in the state, students at this school are making average academic progress considering where they were last year. Average success with low test scores suggests that students begin at a disadvantage but gradually catch up with their peers.
This school’s test scores are significantly lower than the state average. This indicates that students at this school are most likely performing below grade level. Parental advice Test scores are relevant to analyze since they demonstrate how students are doing in relation to grade-level expectations. Inquire about the school’s efforts to assist students who are falling behind. To find the best opportunities for your child to excel, learn what on-track learning looks like and look at higher-performing schools in your city.
A worrying sign: Poor students at this school may be slipping behind their peers in the state, and there may be major achievement gaps at this school. Does this school have opportunities for all of its pupils, or does it exclude some? Schools that are competitive know how to close the achievement gap.

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Quinsigamond Elementary School has the highest student body in the Worcester School District. Quinsigamond has a diverse student body. Hispanic (46.6%), White (26.7%), and African American (26.7%) are the three major racial groups (17.3 percent ). (Continue reading…)
Divide the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers to get the student/teacher ratio. Please keep in mind that a lower student-to-teacher ratio does not always imply a smaller class size. Schools occasionally employ part-time teachers, and some teachers are hired for specialized teaching with limited class sizes. The student-to-teacher ratio is influenced by these and other factors. Pre-Kindergarten may not be included of the student/teacher ratio in private schools.

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For the 2017-18 academic year, 14 percent of students achieved math proficiency (which is lower than the Massachusetts state average of 52 percent). For the 2017-18 academic year, 24 percent of students achieved proficiency in reading/language arts (which is lower than the Massachusetts state average of 56 percent).
Overview of the School
Quinsigamond’s student population of 745 has remained largely constant over the past five years.
Over the course of five school years, the teacher population of 41 has decreased by 10%. Grades Available Prekindergarten and sixth gradeTotal students There are 745 students in total.
Comparative Study of Schools
Quinsigamond is in the bottom half of all 1,666 Massachusetts schools for the 2017-18 school year (based on combined math and reading proficiency testing data).
Quinsigamond has a diversity score of 0.72, which is higher than the state average diversity score of 0.59. For the last five years, the school’s diversity has remained relatively constant.
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Quinsigamond Elementary School is an elementary school in Worcester, Massachusetts that is part of the Worcester Public Schools system. English language arts, science and technology, social studies, foreign languages, performing arts, creative arts, and mathematics are among the topics addressed by the school’s curriculum. Spanish, Latin, and French are among the foreign languages taught at the school. It also offers a novel PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) strategy for improving socially disadvantaged children’s educational levels. To measure students’ progress, Quinsigamond Elementary School uses formative and summative assessments such as DIBELS, MAP, MCAS, MEPA, and GRADE.