Pyramid home health services

Pyramid home health services

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In the privacy of your own home, receive personalized patient treatment. Since 2012, Pyramids Health Services has created an outstanding home healthcare experience for our patients, families, and other stakeholders in the UAE, from developing a personal rapport to our sincere dedication to their well-being.
Our health care professionals and clinical personnel are skilled and certified to provide quality nursing care, medical experience, and professional home care services that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and adhere to international and local standards and guidelines.
We respect our clients’ culture, values, and practices with professional efficiency and a personal touch, and we aspire for a trustworthy relationship with our patients and their families. We make sure that your time with us makes you feel safe and cared for.
Our employee engagement initiative seeks to provide an outstanding employee experience by ensuring that employees receive appreciation and satisfaction for delivering the highest level of treatment and clinical services while also expressing the organization’s goals.

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There are 28 workers in the database. Pyramid Home Health Services is the place to go if you want to learn everything there is to know about home health care. We provide you with a wealth of impartial data from our internal database, as well as personal records and a variety of other information that may be of interest to you.
Home Health Services Pyramid Employees from 1992 to 2019 There’s a long list of retired and existing staff! From 1992 to 2019, get detailed statistics on the number of staff at Pyramid Home Health Services. You can sort them by qualifications, years of experience, work title, education, department, and previous job.
Salaries for Pyramid Home Health Services. If you want to, you can also ask about how much Pyramid Home Health Care pays. Learn regarding the wages, benefits, and drawbacks of working for Pyramid Home Health Services from current and former workers.
Employers will help you find people. You could be able to rekindle an old friendship, reconnect with a long-lost mate, former boss, or business acquaintance who might be useful in your new area. The possibilities are infinite with our employee database. All you have to do is enter a few keywords, and we’ll provide you with the exact details you’re looking for!

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Elara Caring (PYRAMID HOME HEALTHCARE, INC) is a Farmington, Missouri-based home health agency. Elara Caring’s NPI number is 1265479109. Home health care providers provide a wide variety of medical facilities that can be provided in the comfort of your own home in the event of an illness or accident. In most cases, home health care is less costly, more convenient, and just as successful as care received in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Elara Caring’s current address is 1207 Maple St Ste A, Farmington, Missouri, with a phone number of 866-431-3956 and a fax number of 573-756-7578. Elara Caring’s mailing address is 14295 Midway Path, Suite 400, Addison, Texas 75001. (mailing address contact number – 800-234-1866). Information about the agency:
This NPI is linked to the following Medicare-accredited home health agency.
Pyramid Home Health Services is a “Medicare-certified” home health provider, which means it has been accredited by Medicare and meets certain federal health and safety standards. However, the level of treatment and services provided to patients by home health agencies can differ. In contrast to other home health organizations, the efficiency scores indicate how well Pyramid Home Health Services treats their patients. This quality rating is based on a CMS survey of process quality measures and patient outcome measures.

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Home Health Compare quality of care data is published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide customers a simple way to compare “Medicare-certified” home health providers around the country. Home health providers that are “Medicare-certified” have been approved by Medicare and have met the federal health and safety standards.
Consumers may use the Home Health Compare data to see how well home health agencies care for their patients, how much they use best practices in their care, and what patients have to say about their latest home health care experience.
Rating of Patient Care Quality Score of Patient Care Quality 8 of the 23 quality indicators listed on Home Health Compare are summarized in the quality of patient care star ranking. It is a single metric that compares an agency’s performance to that of other agencies. – 3 stars out of 5 – On certain steps, ELARA CARING performed similarly to the majority of organizations.
Ownership Type: Ownership Type: Ownership Type: Ownership Type: Ownership Type
Private for-profit companies, non-profit corporations, religious related groups, and government departments can all operate home health agencies. The form of ownership can have an impact on the resources available to the organization and how programs are organized. Under each of the various types of ownership, quality can vary in home health agencies. Each organization must be measured on its own merits. Privately owned