Professional development day for teachers

Professional development day for teachers

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During the academic year, Pembina Hills schools have a number of professional development (PD) days. Students stay at home on these days, but schools remain open while teachers concentrate on professional development. What is the intention of this period for teachers? This is a topic that is often asked. The solutions can be found in the essence of teachers’ jobs as well as studies into the most successful ways for teachers to improve.
The role of teachers has become increasingly collaborative. Even though most teachers work alone in classrooms with a fixed number of students, they collaborate with other teachers, curriculum assistants, and principals as well as lead teachers, literacy, numeracy, and special education consultants, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and other teachers.
Teachers’ jobs necessitate an understanding of students’ various and nuanced needs. Students in the typical classroom come from various backgrounds, have varying levels of ability, have varying levels of mental wellbeing, have varying social skills, have varying emotional needs, and have varying physical needs.

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Throughout the year, Queensland state schools hold five (25-hour) staff professional development days:

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At least 15 hours of the 25 career development hours available during the year will be worked on the three student free days.

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Staff professional development days are planned at the end of the summer break and must take place on certain days. The staff professional development day in the third last week of Term 3 is still set, but after consultation with the Local Consultative Committee, it can be converted to flexible (LCC). Staff professional learning must take place on this day unless it is converted to flexible. The remaining two flexible staff professional development days (10 hours) will be employed in compliance with the LCC’s guidelines. According to their staff needs and arrangements, schools may schedule flexible professional development hours during any school holiday period or at any time outside of school hours. Staff must complete a total of 25 hours of professional development each year, including the set professional development hours, in schools that prefer flexible arrangements. Staff meetings are not permitted during this period. On the student free day in the third last week of Term 3, which is an allocated staff professional development day, students are not expected to attend school. There is flexibility in how schools use this professional development time, similar to the two flexible days during the Easter holidays.

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Find a variety of opportunities for teachers’ professional development. These blogs, lesson plans, and tools from renowned publishers and experts in the field will help you develop your teaching skills. We have the guidance and tools to ensure you’re teaching at the highest level possible, whether you’re interested in strengthening your teaching skills with new ideas, learning how to properly control your time in the classroom, or avoiding burnout with self-care techniques.
This segment highlights some of the most effective teaching techniques currently in use in education. Examine each segment to see how you can develop your teaching style and pedagogy in your subject.
Seeking a realistic evaluation that demonstrates how much the students have gained after a given concept or subject is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching. Check out this section for evaluation databases, as well as key tips and tactics for all of your research needs.
Portfolios for students and teachers allow you to look back on a good school year. Use the tools in this section to help your students learn about portfolios or to plan your own.

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It’s difficult to arrange professional development sessions during the school day.

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If PD is given at the start of the day, it is normally before classes begin. Teachers are generally watching the clock, anxious to get to their classrooms to get ready for the day. If it’s given at the end of the day, teachers will be staring at the clock again, tired and ready to begin their evening routine. So, what can a teacher leader do to support their colleagues’ PD learning in the morning or after school?
1. Maintain a straightforward approach: Stick to one question at a time. If you’re supposed to study standards-based teaching/learning approaches and discuss best practices with newly hired educators, for example, choose one of those subjects to focus on.
It will stick if teachers are given the opportunity to ingest and incorporate one sound technique at a time. When there are so many thoughts, they become noise. Choose one subject, dive in, and put it into action with zeal. The remaining topic(s) will be discussed at a later time.
2. Have only the most basic handouts: Often give teachers a hard copy of the content to take with them—perhaps bullet points of the key points. Teachers will check handouts if they are given too many, but they will not concentrate on the basic presentation concept.