Primary 5 lesson 12

Primary 5 lesson 12

Time for english, primary 5, unit 12, at school

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Primary 1 lesson 12: i am thankful for animals

Place the animal cutouts on the floor or on a table in front of the kids. Assist a child in selecting a cutout, identifying the animal, and displaying it to the class. Continue until each child has had a chance to participate in at least one activity.
Remind the kids that Heavenly Father commissioned Jesus Christ to build our magnificent planet, complete with day and night, oceans and soil, and plants and trees. Show the children the Bible and tell them that we learned about Creation in this book. Explain that, according to the Bible, Heavenly Father commanded Jesus to create all of the animals and place them on the earth.
Explain that Jesus produced a variety of animals for the earth’s inhabitants. Some animals can be found on farms and in the vicinity of our homes. Some species live in the forest, while others live in the mountains or the desert. Some species live in the coldest areas of the globe, and others live in the hottest.
As told in Genesis 6:5–8:19, tell the story of Noah and the Ark. Show pictures 1-30, Noah and the Ark with Animals, and 1-29, Building the Ark. The cutout figures could also be used to illustrate the plot.

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Unit 12 ” at school ” – lesson 1 ” conversation time ” – primary 5

“Lesson 12: Important Ordinances Are Restored,” Primary 5: Doctrine and Covenants: Church History, (1997),57 Lesson 12: Important Ordinances Are Restored.”

— Transcript of the presentation:
Often life can feel like a maze. We may make a variety of choices and take a variety of paths, but only one can lead us to everlasting life with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is that direction. Activation of Attention
Let’s look at 2 Nephi 31:17. Therefore, do the things that I have told you that your Lord and Redeemer should do, because they have been shown to me for this purpose, that ye will know the gate through which ye should enter. Repentance and water baptism are the gates by which you can enter, followed by a remission of your sins through fire and the Holy Ghost. Activation of Attention
The citizens were also told about baptism by Jesus. Those who wish to be baptized must first confess their sins. He said that they must be baptized in order to join His Church. They are needed to love and obey Jesus. They must also be eight years old or older.