Population of groton ma

Population of groton ma

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Groton is a town in Massachusetts’ Middlesex County, situated in the northwest corner of the state. At the time of the 2012 town census, the population was 10,873. 1st Groton College, established in 1884, and Lawrence Academy at Groton, founded in 1793, are two of the town’s prep schools. The historic town was a battleground in King Philip’s and Queen Anne’s Wars, saw revolt during Shays’ Uprising, and was the birthplace of William Prescott, the rebel leader at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
For thousands of years, the region had been the home of numerous indigenous peoples’ cultures. For fishing and transportation, they settled along the rivers. Nipmuc and Nashaway Indians, who spoke Algonquian, were ancient tribes. [two]
The Anglo-American Groton began with John Tinker’s trading post at the confluence of Nod Brook and the Nashua River, where he did business with the Nashaway. Petapawag, which means “swampy ground” in Nashaway, was the name given to the region by the Nashaway. Some settlers, including Tinker, pursued the Algonquian trails from Massachusetts Bay. They discovered that the area was suitable for fishing and farming. [two]

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Groton is the 169th most populous city in Massachusetts, out of 351 cities, with 11,313 residents. Groton, beware: Leicester, with 11,306 residents, and Nantucket, with 11,168 residents, are right behind you “Your starter report has definitely saved me a huge amount of time. I’m just too busy to gather this information any other way. This much knowledge would have taken hours of an employee’s or my time to obtain. I was lucky enough to come across a company that provided all of the demographics I needed at a very fair price.”

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Let’s start at the beginning: Groton, Massachusetts is a town in Middlesex County with a population of 1,219 people. What is the cost of living in Groton, Massachusetts? Groton, MA has a median household income of $50,730 and a median home value of $146,591.
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As of March 30, 2021, there was one registered sex offender residing in Groton, Massachusetts, according to our research of Massachusetts and other state lists. In Groton, the ratio of all people to sex offenders is 1,179 to 1.
Groton, Massachusetts recent updates on our local website, which has over 2,200,000 registered users. On our forum, Groton has been listed 934 times: I’m looking for recommendations for unique towns in Massachusetts (Westford, Groton, Topsfield, Littleton, Harvard) (16 comments) Observations on the Real Estate Market in 2020 (623 replies) Looking for a progressive town with good schools and a laid-back attitude… Acton is a town in the United Kingdom. Shrewsbury is a town in Shropshire, England. Stow Ashland Hopkinton Hopkinton Hopkinton Hopkinton Hopkinton Hopkinton Northboro is a town in the state of Massachusetts Westboro Baptist Church (There were 37 responses) If we can afford it, we’ll move to Massachusetts. (44 comments) I’m moving from New Jersey and need help with the complicated commute! (A total of 106 responses) Two months in Boston for an Atlantan (140 replies)
A category F4 tornado 21.5 miles from the Groton place center killed 90 people, wounded 1228 people, and caused between $50,000,000 and $500,000,000 in damage on June 9, 1953.