Pinky toe rubbing against shoes

Pinky toe rubbing against shoes

How to protect your little toes from narrow and tight shoes in

It’s possible that the fact that I’m new to running (in the past, I’ve just biked in the gym) has something to do with it. I went for a short jog yesterday after purchasing some new running shoes (Asics) (1.9 miles). Today, the outer edges on both of my little toes are a little red and swollen, and a blister on the left toe appears to be forming (left foot, right foot). I’m guessing the soreness stems from the running; nothing has changed recently.
It can take up to a week for new shoes to break in. What is my recommendation? If the problem persists after a few more short runs, it’s possibly time to consider returning the shoes. Then I’d go to a local store that specializes in fitting people for running shoes. As a new-ish runner, I did that for the first time recently, and it made a HUGE difference. On February 10, 2014, at 10:58 AM, singinginmychains posted (I wore asics for years until maybe 2001-ish, they re-designed the toe-box, and it was blister city for me and time to find a new brand of shoes). On February 10, 2014, at 11:03 AM, k5.user posted

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A common complaint among walkers and runners is blisters. You could get blisters on your feet and toes if you’ve just started walking or running, swapped shoes, or started doing longer workouts.
A blister is a fluid-filled sac that forms as a result of friction (or by heat from a burn). Walkers and cyclists hate them, but most foot blisters can be avoided. You should reduce friction in your shoes, toughen and secure your skin, keep your feet comfortable and dry, and keep an eye out for hot spots that could turn into blisters if left untreated.
Blisters are often caused by your shoes. Since your fingers, heels, and sole of your foot rub against the shoe, you develop a blister. Everyone’s feet are different shapes and sizes, so there isn’t a single shoe that will fit them all. Blisters can be avoided by getting the correct shoe size and shape.

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When you walk or stand, your foot forms a functional triangle. The big and small toes balance the forefoot while the feet hold the majority of your body weight. When you’re running, your big and little toes work together to keep your body balanced.
Injuries to the little toes are more probable. Pressure and swelling in your pinky toe, as well as a sprained pinky toe, a bunion on your pinky toe, or other anomalies, can destabilize your stance and cause a lot of pain. The following is some detail on common problems that cause your pinky toe to hurt in shoes.
If you have sharp pain under your small toe, it may be a fracture; if the condition lasts longer than a few days, see your podiatrist for a visual and x-ray test. An x-ray can show an acute fracture or a stress fracture, the latter of which is caused by a sudden trauma.
A stress fracture occurs when a damaged bone is subjected to repeated stress or when a normal bone is subjected to increased pressure. If a baby’s fracture toe is ignored, it may lead to early arthritis, chronic pain, and permanent deformity.

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When you wear a shoe that is too tight and painful to wear, it puts too much tension and pressure on your foot.

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Incorrectly sized shoes often expose the little toe to more pain and discomfort.
If your toes are rubbing against your new tight shoes, you should use a spray like this.
To soften the material of your footwear, use a spray like Footmatters shoe stretcher spray.
This spray can be used to soften and stretch suede, leather, canvas, and nubuck.