Pension lawyers near me

Pension lawyers near me

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Pension plans are often linked to jobs. Employers spend a part of their own assets on behalf of their employees. When the employee retires, they are entitled to a set sum of money as well as the profit from the investment. This money is referred to as retirement income, and it includes both the lump sum and investment income. Payments of retirement benefits can be assured before the worker’s death.
Although there are some minor variations between the two, a pension plan is identical to a retirement plan. Many employer-sponsored retirement programs, such as a 401(k), make it the employee’s duty to contribute to their account. Furthermore, the employee is in charge of selecting their retirement savings. Pension plans, on the other hand, guarantee a set amount of monthly income in retirement. Furthermore, the employer bears all investment costs rather than the employee.
The most popular disagreements about pension schemes revolve around contributions made to retirees by pension funds. In most cases, there would be some friction between the retiree and their former employer. However, other parties may be involved in conflicts similar to this one.

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For nearly 30 years, our pension law team has been highly regarded by leading clients in the United Kingdom. Our pension lawyers are focused on providing the highest quality advice and support to our pension clients thanks to our unique model and collaborative culture.
Over 750 trustee and employer clients from the private and public sectors make up our national client base. Trustees in defined benefit, defined contribution, and hybrid pension plans benefit from the expertise of our pension lawyers.
Advice to the trustees of First UK Bus’ wide, mixed-benefit scheme on all matters, including the consequences of a significant divestment of part of the bus division and measures to safeguard the scheme’s covenant.

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Your pension plan is one of the most valuable investments, and you have the right to ensure that your assets are completely covered. If you have any concerns about how your pension fund is being managed, contact our specialist pensions law solicitors.
When dealing with a mediation arrangement about my voluntary redundancy, the Manchester Office was very polite, supportive, and prompt. I would not hesitate to recommend Slater and Gordon to someone who is dealing with an employment law problem.

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For more than a decade, our pensions lawyers have represented UK companies, individuals, and trustee boards on the broad range of pensions issues.

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The media, professional services, retail, pharmaceutical, technology, and healthcare are some of the industries in which we have given advice. We provide pension advice to both public and private sector employees. This involves providing guidance to businesses and individuals on the Teachers Pension Scheme, LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme), and NHS Pension Schemes. As a result of our experience in a variety of industries, we have a broad understanding of pension regulations. As a result, we are confident in our ability to provide first-rate support to our clients.
We have a lot of experience advising clients on a wide variety of pension-related topics. Our team is led by Andrew Campbell, a highly experienced specialist pensions lawyer. He has worked in City companies for over 15 years. Andrew’s team provides a comprehensive range of pension programs, including:
Pension funds are also a company’s single largest creditor. As a result, businesses are increasingly being forced to think creatively about how to restructure their pension deficits. This will help them relieve cash flow constraints and transfer their pension obligations off-balance-sheet. Our team has provided pension law advice to clients in the past. We are particularly familiar with the structures and procedures that can be used to successfully reduce your pension liabilities.