Penn brook elementary school

Penn brook elementary school

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For the 2017-18 academic year, 56 percent of students attained math proficiency (which is higher than the Massachusetts state average of 52 percent). For the 2017-18 school year, 64 percent of students achieved proficiency in reading/language arts (which is higher than the Massachusetts state average of 56 percent).
Overview of the School
Penn Brook’s student population of 691 has reduced by 5% over the past five years.
Over the course of five school years, the teacher population of 39 has decreased by 11%. Grades Available Kindergarten to sixth grade Student Body: 691 students
Comparative Analysis of Schools
For the 2017-18 school year, Penn Brook was ranked in the top half of all 1,666 schools in Massachusetts (based on combined math and reading proficiency testing data).
Penn Brook has a diversity score of 0.10, which is lower than the state average diversity score of 0.59. For the last five years, the school’s diversity has remained relatively stable.
1st of April, 2021 Michelle Rhee and Her Controversy Michelle Rhee’s name appears in the press as often as that of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, but she has just as many detractors and supporters. Learn about Rhee’s contentious policies and efforts to transform education in the United States.

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Divide the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers to get the student/teacher ratio. Please bear in mind that a lower student-to-teacher ratio does not always mean a smaller class size. Schools occasionally employ part-time teachers, and some teachers are hired for specialized teaching with limited class sizes. The student-to-teacher ratio is influenced by these and other factors. Pre-Kindergarten may not be included of the student/teacher ratio in private schools.

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A concerning indication is that, as compared to comparable students in the state, students at this school are making less academic progress. Low success with high test scores suggests that students have good academic skills but are making smaller strides than students in similar schools.
This school’s test scores are higher than the state average, which is a good sign. Any students at this school may still be performing below grade level due to low test scores in some states. Parental advice Disparities between student groups may exist even in high-performing schools. Check the details in the Equity section below to see how well this school serves all of its students. Understand what your child’s on-track learning looks like and how you can help at home.
Based on college readiness, academic success, and test score data given by the state’s Department of Education, we publish a ranking that represents how well this school serves disadvantaged students in relation to other schools in the state. We are unable to determine an Equity Rating for this school because the state does not provide adequate details. Will providing this kind of knowledge for the school be useful to you? Yes or no

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We just moved to Georgetown, and I was nervous about how my kids would adapt. The teachers and staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I’ve noticed that there’s a strong focus on encouraging good behavior rather than punishing evil, and this seems to be resonating with my kids – I’m seeing optimistic and confident improvements in behavior even after only a few weeks. Overall, our time at the school has been very positive, both academically and socially.
I have three children who attended this school system, and although some teachers failed to understand individual learning styles, the system as a whole is excellent. My three children all went on to earn master’s degrees and work in the field.
Treachers are fantastic in this field!! They genuinely want their students to succeed. The school is lovely, with a bright, clean look. My daughter is in fourth grade and is very excited about learning. It’s a very safe and secure house, and it makes me feel very secure.