Patriot ledger cops and courts

Patriot ledger cops and courts

Arraignment of weymouth murder suspect

Conley demanded that the legislation be updated in a letter to legislative leaders, citing a “loophole” found by prosecutors while looking into the case of a court officer from Braintree suspected of sexual assault with inmates.
According to a press release from Conley’s office, Michael Rubino, 35, was arraigned Friday on charges arising from accusations that he had sexual contact with two inmates, one of whom was bound and shackled at the time, while working in a Boston courthouse.
The alleged misconduct happened when Rubino was employed at the Edward Brooke Courthouse in Boston in 2010 and earlier this year, according to police. The alleged crimes took place in Suffolk County, but because of Rubino’s links to the Boston courts, the case was transferred to Middlesex County.
According to a press release from Conley’s office, Rubino engaged in sexual assault with a female inmate twice when she was bound and shackled at the downtown Boston courthouse early this year. When questioned by Boston police officers, Rubino reportedly lied about the events.

Weymouth police use officer michael chesna’s handcuffs on

According to state reports, 129 of the town’s 11,700 people enrolled in drug abuse recovery services in 1999. Some may have sought treatment more than once, and some may have been treated solely for depression, but 33 people said they had used heroin in the 12 months previous to enrolling, 13 said cocaine, and 19 said crack.
According to FBI reports, Carver police made just two drug arrests in the same year, both for misdemeanor marijuana possession. A 15-year-old boy and a middle-aged woman were among those arrested.
The low arrest figures in Carver and other areas tend to suggest that taxpayers aren’t getting anything for their taxes, considering the amount of money being funneled into the so-called war on drugs – $60 million to Massachusetts alone from the federal drug czar’s office –
In 1999, 3,173 people from Quincy checked into state-licensed substance abuse treatment facilities. One-hundred-and-fifty-four of them admitted to using heroin. Quincy cops made 203 drug arrests that year.

Potter brothers plead not guilty in christopher mccallum’s

The majority of people with mental disorders are not aggressive, although a subset of people with severe mental illnesses (primarily schizophrenia and treatment-resistant bipolar disorder) can become violent if they are not treated. Some people deny care because they are unaware that they are sick. We must treat these people as a kind and compassionate community before they become a disaster. The events mentioned below would not have ended so tragically if the people had been given mandatory and supervised care.
Donald Rudolph, 18, fatally bludgeoned his 24-year-old sister Caylin, their 50-year-old mother Paula, and their mother’s boyfriend, 52-year-old Frederick Medina, on November 10, 2011. Rudolph, who was diagnosed with mental illness, has a criminal record and a history of hospitalizations. Paula Rudolph, according to a neighbor, had said that her son was not taking the medicine that had been prescribed to him, which had resulted in some of his destructive actions. 11/12/11, 12/3/11, 12/23/11, 1/6/12 The Patriot Ledger; NECN, 11/14/11; Boston Herald, 11/12/11

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