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Partners in Health Engage is a global movement that supports Partners in Health’s work. The goal of PIH is to provide a preferential health-care alternative for the disadvantaged. Partners In Health aspires to accomplish two broad objectives: to deliver the advantages of modern medical research to those who need them most, and to act as a counterbalance to despair. This mission is supported in three ways by PIH Engage NEU, a chapter of PIH Engage. We teach our colleagues about the health problems that marginalized people face every day. We raise funds to provide high-quality health care to low-income families. We support policies that enable the government to create effective health-care programs. We would argue, as a community, that the right to health be guaranteed for all, wherever.

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In Health Partnerships Engage at Cornell is working to strengthen the right to health movement by hiring and encouraging committed volunteer community volunteers to lead efforts aimed at attracting new capital, promoting public dialogue, and campaigning for successful policies.
We organize and host fundraising events and campaigns to ensure that PIH has the money it needs to avoid unnecessary deaths and provide high-quality health care in some of the world’s poorest communities. We’re not only raising money through our educational campaigns and outreach to our Engage community; we’re also fundamentally reimagining how wealth and health care access are perceived.
The promotion and codification of the global right to health necessitates concerted political action. We collaborate with local and national officials to share lessons learned, success stories, and positive outcomes from PIH sites, as well as to advocate for legislation that removes barriers to treatment. As a result, we promote the progressive idea that the disadvantaged are entitled to fair access to high-quality health care.

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Annum Sadana has long aspired to work in the medical field. The recent college graduate witnessed health inequalities in both India, where she was born, and the United States, where she was raised, instilling a passion for global health equality in her from an early age.
Sadana began her team at Rice University in 2017, when she was a sophomore. In the years since, the group has met with US leaders, attended political candidate town halls, and coordinated global health-related campus activities.
The surge in concern coincides with the Black Lives Matter campaign, which has mobilized millions of people in the United States and around the world to demand an end to structural racism that has affected every aspect of American society, from policing to housing to health care.
“Human rights only improve when people organize, demand more, and have a strategy,” she says. “I am so inspired by young people all over the world who are fighting for, and teaching us all to fight for, an expanded and intersectional vision of the right to health that includes social, economic, and climate justice,” says the author.

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