Orange theory dr phillips

Orange theory dr phillips

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This gym is fantastic! And I never thought I’d say I enjoyed anything about a gym, lol. The coaches are incredible, the team is welcoming, and the studio manager is fantastic! You do know what you’ve discovered…
Orangetheory Fitness is the most popular fitness center in your area. It provides community personal training exercises that incorporate aerobic and strength training and are based on high intensity interval training. We are a fitness studio where you can see success because of our creative workouts. Call our workout studio in Orlando, FL today!

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Heart-rate exercise is supported by a wealth of empirical evidence, and it can be the secret to health success. That’s why many fitness studios focus their exercise programs on heart-rate training, but one studio in particular has a huge nationwide following due to its alleged efficacy. The first Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) location opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010, and the business is still expanding around the country nine years later. OTF’s developers refer to it as a “multivitamin of metabolic preparation,” saying that it includes all you need to “burn fat at the highest level.” Check out our list of the best smart scales we reviewed in 2019. Here’s how it works and why it could be the secret to fat loss. Orangetheory Fitness’ underlying ‘theory’ Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), a term that refers to the body’s increased absorption of oxygen after physical activity, is the basis of OTF. The “afterburn” is how people relate to it. While any strenuous exercise induces an afterburn effect, some research indicates that high-intensity training creates the longest-lasting and most important EPOC. The OTF employs a five-zone heart-rate training strategy: Orangetheory Fitness uses five zones to program workouts.

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1. Orangetheory Fitness (Orangetheory Fitness)


A couple dozen people rush from rowing machine to treadmill to TRX suspension rigs, bathed in orange light—and sweat—as a teacher encourages them to stay in the orange zone. On the other side of the mirror, Dave Long expresses his delight in visiting studios while on the road because it allows him to see his brand in motion. Orangetheory Fitness’ co-founder and CEO is in Houston, where the company has a dozen locations open and expects to open at least 25 by the end of 2019. The increase reflects the overall growth of the Orangetheory system, which surpassed the 800-unit mark in early November. “Now we’re opening six a week,” says Long, who is on the second leg of a trip that has taken him to Oregon, Tennessee, and back to Orangetheory’s headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. “We opened 11 places in one week—it was nuts.”


Orangetheory Exercise is for you whether you’re an athlete looking to cross-train, someone looking to take the first move in their fitness journey, or someone returning from an injury. Book your first session today and live life to the fullest.
Our Medical Advisory Board helped us create policy updates, cleaning and disinfection procedures, coach reopening education, and staff and member safety protocols. During the exercises, members are assigned to specific stations to avoid equipment sharing and cross-contamination. Between interval blocks, members are given new disinfecting wipes and told to wipe down all of the exercise equipment they’ve used before moving on to the next stop. Our coaches keep the workout flowing by instructing participants to wear masks when transitioning stations and in the lobby, as well as cleaning procedures. Coaches are expected to wear protective eyewear while coaching and all personnel wear face masks while in the studio. Everyone’s temperature is measured as soon as they reach the studio, and they are asked a few screening questions. During the check-in process and in the lobby, everyone must wear a mask and keep it on until they enter their assigned station. Finally, our coaching procedures and checklists include the importance of routine and successful handwashing, as well as the use of hand sanitizer! \