Oak middle school shrewsbury

Oak middle school shrewsbury

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Oak Middle School is a public middle school in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, that serves students in grades six through eight. Performing arts, speech and debate, and athletic activities are all available at the school. Furthermore, the pilot mathematics program is focused on three decades of experience and study, and it has been recognized for its outstanding curriculum by the Department of Education and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Winter and spring concerts featuring band, orchestra, and chorus groups are held at Oak Middle School. Science Olympiad, ski club, speech team, cross country, and fall intramurals are only a few of the extracurricular activities available at the school. The school also provides food facilities and hosts cultural activities and displays. Shrewsbury Public Schools has Oak Middle School.

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The result? Accurate comparisons between colleges, school districts, and communities in the same (or different) areas, as well as between schools in different states.
It is well recognized that the standard of education offered by public schools differs significantly from one school district to the next, as well as from one city to the next. Furthermore, within any city or area, the standard of a child’s education can differ significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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As compared to similar students in the state, students at this school are making average academic progress considering where they were last year. Students in this school make average progress and have good test scores, indicating that they have strong academic abilities and are learning at the same pace as students in similar schools.
There’s good news! This school’s test scores are significantly higher than the state average, indicating that the majority of students are performing at or above grade level. Parental advice Disparities between student groups may exist even in high-performing schools. Check the details in the Equity section below to see how well this school serves all of its students. Understand what your child’s on-track learning looks like and how you can help at home.
A concerning sign: Disadvantaged students at this school may be slipping behind their peers in the state, and there may be major achievement gaps at this school. Does this school have opportunities for all of its pupils, or does it exclude some? Schools that are effective know how to close the achievement gap.

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The Shrewsbury Public School system is a suburban school district in Massachusetts that serves the town of Shrewsbury. Superintendent Dr. Joseph M. Sawyer and Assistant Superintendent Amy B. Clouter lead the school system. [two]