Non epileptic seizures and driving

Non epileptic seizures and driving

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Case History – California Drivers Advocates was hired to defend a client whose driver license had been revoked by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after she failed to show up for a scheduled administrative hearing about a medical condition.
The DMV received a Confidential Morbidity Report from a Neurologist in May 2017 claiming that our client had “Non-Epileptic” Seizures. In the interest of public safety, the DMV immediately revoked her driving privileges based on that detail. Our Client called the DMV and scheduled her own hearing because she had no idea what she was up against. She misrecorded the date of the hearing in her calendar and therefore did not show up at the appointed time. As she arrived late, the designated DMV hearing officer had already given an order upholding the previous suspension and refusing her the right to drive again.
In 2002, our 40-year-old client started having Non-Epileptic Seizures. Her body would stiffen and shake during an episode, but she never lost consciousness, and the seizures had no effect on her voice, hearing, or vision. Over the course of many years, numerous hospital visits and neurological tests failed to reveal the cause of the seizures. Finally, in 2016, she was diagnosed with “Conversion Disorder with Non-Epileptic Seizures” by a neurologist. Following the murder of a family member many years ago, she apparently suffered from PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. The Neurologist believed that the stress and anxiety caused by PTSD would induce seizure activity on a regular basis. As a result, she was referred for therapy to a psychiatrist and therapist. Our Client’s seizures went into remission after the psychiatric treatment was successful.

California dmv hearings for “non-epileptic seizures”

In most jurisdictions, if anyone loses consciousness or memory, or loses control of their movements, there are laws requiring a certain amount of symptom freedom (epileptic seizure or PNES episode) before they are permitted to drive again, regardless of the cause. Since the symptoms of PNES will differ so much, it’s best to speak to your doctor about it.
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When a patient has seizures, the doctor will often screen them for epilepsy. An electroencephalogram is the most useful procedure for confirming epilepsy (EEG). This monitors electrical activity in the brain, as well as irregular spikes in activity patterns. These patterns can be used to distinguish between different forms of epilepsy.
The most popular treatment for NES is psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one example (CBT). CBT explores the association between a person’s perceptions, emotions, and actions. CBT and other psychotherapies take a long time to take effect. During this time, it is important that the patient stick to their treatment plan.

Epilepsy and driving

If your only seizures in the last three years occurred when you were sleeping, you might still be eligible for a license. After you’ve completed the form, the DVLA will let you know if you apply. You must not drive until you hear from them.
If these are the only seizures you’ve ever had and the first one was more than a year ago, you might still be eligible for a license. After you’ve completed the form, the DVLA will tell you if you need to surrender your license. You must not drive until you hear from them.
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