Nitroglycerin pill holder necklace

Nitroglycerin pill holder necklace

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The pill holder is the ideal size for storing a few of my nitro pills. However, since my pills are not spherical, I am unable to fit as many pills into it as advertised. In an emergency, however, I only need three. I put four pills in there just to be safe, so it’s not a problem. I may have been able to squeeze in a fifth. The holder’s tiny scale appeals to me. It’s tiny enough that I can wear it as a necklace to keep my pills with me at all times. One question I have about this holder is that it would be difficult for me to open in an emergency. The holder’s exterior is fairly smooth. To make it easier to grip and open, it seems like it should have some knurling or a rougher texture.
Cielo Nitro pill tube does just what it’s supposed to do without drawing attention to itself. It’s a well-made product that’s lightweight, holds a lot of Nitro pills, is stylish, has an easy-to-unscrew lid, and easily attaches to my key ring or any chain while remaining unnoticeable. I recently saw a vendor at a swap meet with a variety of pill cases for under $8, but none of them were nearly as good, all were much bigger, and none were made for Nitro pills. Nitro pills are small, and finding them in a larger pill bottle or case of other, much larger pills can be difficult. Yes, it is more expensive than the other pill bottles I own, but none of them do the job. My other three pill bottles are huge and bulging on my key ring, so it’s worth thinking if carrying Nitro all the time is a part of your routine. The reason for the four stars is that it is overpriced for the money.

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“I’ve had diabetes for more than two decades. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to keep my glucose tablets in that period (tabs). However, since I live an active lifestyle, I have broken several of these other choices as well. Broken tabs and a powdery mess resulted from plastic bags containing tabs. My tabs ended up on the ground or in my pocket after the plastic holders on the market broke and/or opened (lint covered glucose tabs are worse than the tabs alone). I needed something that was tough, waterproof, and attractive…in came the Cielo Extra-Wide Holder. There are four glucose tabs in this situation. It has a tight seal at the top and a strong key ring, which I use to tie it to my key chain or glucose monitoring package. Not to mention, it comes in a beautiful box that can be wrapped as a present. After wasting money on low-cost plastic cases, this high-end holder is just what the doctor ordered!”
“It was a fantastic purchase. Since having colon surgery, I now need to take imodium on a daily basis. I keep it in old medicine bottles stashed in areas where I’ll be all day. Since I work as a state inspector and am often on the road, I keep my belongings in a messenger bag or small pack. Since some of my trips are local, I don’t often remember to bring them, so getting this on my key chain has been a godsend. Although you will forget your purse, how often do you forget your keys?

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This latest TI-EDC mini pill fob contains 4 regular (325 mg) aspirin tablets and is ideal for smaller pills. It’s almost weightless, and it’ll work on your keychain perfectly. TI-EDC pill fobs are made of Titanium, which is lightweight, solid, and biocompatible (non-toxic and non-allergenic). Heavy-duty construction ensures that your pills will not be crushed or broken while remaining lightweight and portable. To keep pills airtight and moisture-free, it has a screw-on cap with a rubber O-ring seal. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF TITANIUM? It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic material, making it both light and solid. It’s almost as light as aluminum, but it’s more durable than steel. Corrosion resistance – It is corrosion resistant except in seawater, aqua regia, and chlorine. It is biocompatible in the sense that it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and fully compatible with the human body. It has become a common alternative for designer jewelry because it is more durable than gold. TI-EDC is a trademark of Texas Instruments. TI-EDC is a registered trademark in the United States. We specialize in Titanium and other metal-based materials of the highest quality. From a user’s viewpoint, we pay close attention to every detail and aim to create the most beautiful and high-quality product possible. That means complete customer satisfaction – no exceptions.

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The FDA tested a stainless steel pendant (Life-Link) intended to hold emergency amounts of nitroglycerin tablets for compliance with nitroglycerin packaging restrictions. The study’s findings suggest that the pendant is on par with or better than the screw-capped glass containers that are currently used for the packaging of nitroglycerin tablets. Tablets can be processed for up to three months without losing their potency or physical integrity. The pendant serves as a clear, safe, convenient, and unbreakable container for carrying nitroglycerin tablets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.