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If your name does not appear on a specific day but you still want to come in, Perk would appreciate your assistance in Costumes, which will be kept in 9106 for the time being! So send her an email and tell her you’d like to help out on that particular day! She is also permitted to have a small team, so don’t turn up without first speaking with her!
South Stage’s Mission and Intent
By telling compelling stories with sophisticated characters in difficult environments, educational theatre aims to help students become ethical, reflective, and caring adults. Our students learn to be adults by exposing themselves to the complexity of life in the relatively secure environment of theatre. South Stage is devoted to the following goals:

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Newton High, one of Newton’s two public high schools, had grown to 3,000 students by the late 1950s. In 1960, Newton opened Newton South, a new school in the Oak Hill neighborhood. [3] The school is divided into four student houses, each with its own student commons: Cutler, Goldrick, Goodwin, and Wheeler. [three]
The Newton South STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition chapter hosted a Darfur Benefit Concert with State Radio on February 8, 2007, raising over $23,000 for Save the Children and the Genocide Intervention Network.

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Newton South High School junior Matthew Cole received an Honorable Mention award at the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at MIT in May 2019. The Newton South Jazz Ensemble gained one of three coveted slots in the national 11th Annual Mingus High School Competition & Festival in New York. In addition, two teams from Newton South HS competed in the “Women of Science” Competition, placing seventh and eleventh respectively.
Jim Halpert is played by John Krasinski, an American actor, film producer, and screenwriter who stars in the US drama “The Office.”
Priyanka Chopra (’99) is a Bollywood actress and former Miss World 2000. She is currently starring in ABC’s drama Quantico.
In 2007, Roger Myerson (’69) was one of three Nobel Laureates in Economics, “‘for having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory.”
B.J. Novak (’97) is a writer, co-executive producer, and actor on the NBC comedy The Office.
Eli Roth is a film director, producer, editor, and actor who graduated in 1990. In a film, he co-starred with Novak.
Asian Student Alliance, Ballroom Dancing, Black Student Union, Community Service, Dance Team, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Math Club, Mock Trial, Model United Nations (Model UN), Newspaper Club, Robotics and Engineering, Skiing Club, Snowboarding Club, Speech and Debate, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government, Student Government,

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Please donate at www.greennewton.org/trees and mention your Newton South affiliation in a note to the donor scroll. Track the memorial’s development on Instagram at @4ctreeproject.
Learn more about suicide prevention, understanding depression and bipolar disorder, and the vital work being done to reduce the stigma of mental health problems in our society by joining Mayor Fuller, Samaritans Inc., and Families for Depression Awareness.
17 Things You Should Do Before Going to College:
Students and parents from Newton North and Newton South High Schools are invited to this information-packed gathering, which will alleviate tension and include tips and strategies for navigating the changes ahead. Harlan Cohen, a New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on college performance, hosts this fun and engaging series. Learn about the most recent study, developments, and preparations being made by college campuses to prepare for the Class of 2021. This event is ideal for seniors, parents, and juniors who are preparing for college. Attendance is free of charge.