Newton school for children

Newton school for children

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The Out of School Time (OST) program at the West Suburban YMCA is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of every child and family who chooses the Y for after-school care. OST offers stimulating and developmentally appropriate learning environments that emphasize self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and independence while also emphasizing social and emotional growth.
The Newton Public Schools’ Out of School Time (OST) program is designed to supplement and sustain the Newton Public Schools’ timetable.
Our OST curriculum will change when Newton Public Schools returns to the classroom full-time in April.
Beginning April 5, 2021, OST will resume an afterschool program close to that which existed prior to the pandemic.
Spanish, Russian, and Chinese documents are available.
Do you need a form or policy document from the West Suburban YMCA in a language other than English? In Spanish, Russian, or Chinese, you can download our most popular forms and policies.

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Newton Educational Group’s Hui Xin campus, which opened on October 13th, 2014, is the company’s newest branch. Suzhou expats can expect the best bilingual kindergarten program in the city. Tsushima Design Studios, Tokyo, designed the campus with the aim of creating a natural, bright, and educational learning environment with state-of-the-art indoor lighting, windows, and floors in an open structure that allows children to see the daily routines, such as the yellow school buses arriving through the large “glass walls” and the food being prepared in the kitchen through the large “glass walls.” The school has unique features such as a two-story tall gym with a balcony and wooden beams, a 150-seat children’s theater, a summer water slide, a heated indoor swimming pool, golf experiment area, water science canal, ecological gardening, an electric train that runs around campus, and the Hans Christian Andersen’s children library, which was officially opened on September 19th by the honored presenc The Hans Christian Andersen library, which houses the “Tell-A-Tale-Hat” donated by our Danish friendship school, is a place where creativity and story-telling are valued similarly to reading.

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We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about our school. If you are already connected to the school, we hope you will visit this site frequently to stay informed about upcoming events, field trips, and other content. If you do not already have links and are considering joining our school, we hope you will find our website to be user-friendly and informative. Please let us know how we can make things better.
We are all completely dedicated at North Newton to ensuring the best possible care for our children, regardless of their skill or special needs. We are a reflective school that is continually striving to strengthen our services in order to cultivate the entire child as we prepare them for secondary school and beyond. We have safeguarding policies in place to ensure the safety of all students at our school.
We want everyone to succeed and are proud of what we’ve accomplished!
We want to make sure that our children prepare for the rest of their lives and serve as role models for others. To do so, children need a diverse set of opportunities and challenges to help them develop academically, socially, morally, spiritually, and culturally – and that is just what we aim to provide and accomplish every day.

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As a result, the school will be on the lookout for signs of violence and neglect, and will follow LSCB procedures to ensure that children receive adequate and effective support and safety.
Parents/caregivers should be aware that the legislation requires all school personnel to share information that raises concerns about a child’s health, such as the possibility of neglect, physical, mental, or sexual assault. The school should inform parents/caregivers that records of welfare issues about their child will be held. They should be told that school staff will make every effort to talk with them about any issues they might have, including making referrals to other agencies. However, if a child is suspected of being in danger, the legislation allows schools to seek advice from other organizations without warning parents or caregivers.
We will ensure that information is exchanged safely and sensitively in compliance with local Information Sharing protocols. Information will only be shared with other services if it is considered appropriate and proportionate to ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people.