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New england research institute

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Population distribution, land cover, and wildlife ecosystems have become more heterogeneous in Massachusetts over the last 200 years as the state has become more populous. Forest area peaked in the 1980s across the state, and forests are still maturing with modest harvesting. Especially in eastern Massachusetts, growth, suburban fragmentation, and landscape degradation continue. Meanwhile, public perceptions of wildlife are changing in favor of conservation and restoration, especially through the acquisition and protection of open space. There has been a dramatic shift in the abundance and distribution of wildlife within the state as a result of historical changes in land use, land cover, and human attitudes, including the re-emergence of moose (Alces alces), a species that was extirpated from the state in the early 1700s.
The recent rise in the number of moose in Massachusetts has sparked curiosity and concern about the relationship of forestry and moose. Moose can have landscape-level effects on vegetation, and it’s unclear what impact they’ll have on Massachusetts’ forest dynamics (i.e., composition, structure, and regeneration) and timber properties. Wildlife management, along with forest restoration, has been an essential part of the state’s ability to protect and preserve its diverse flora and fauna. Because of their ability to influence forest stand regeneration and composition, moose are a species of special interest, and their presence is indicative of good forest regeneration and management.

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NERI is a privately owned CRO that provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomaterial, and medical device companies with global, personalized clinical trial solutions and registry services. NERI has also worked on federally funded research projects for entities such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NERI has gained widespread recognition for its scientific reputation, effectiveness, and experience in conducting clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas since its founding in 1986.

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What is it about the unexpected that has made it so common? Because of the complication. Even with mountains of data at their disposal, neither decision-makers nor conventional science are capable of deciphering collective activities with far-reaching implications. Science is progressing. Complex systems science, which employs the next generation of mathematics, aids us in comprehending the complexities of culture and humanity by making more precise predictions than either statistics or calculus.

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Medicine is continually progressing. Medical research-based concepts and technologies are revolutionizing how we handle patients and, in the process, improving their lives. We are at the forefront of this adventure at the New England Institute for Clinical Research, introducing cutting-edge research projects from the pharmaceutical industry, universities, medical societies, and patient advocacy organizations to the New England and metro New York communities.
Our core research team has participated in over a hundred trials, with the FDA approving new instruments and oral and injectable medicines for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases in over 90% of the cases. Although our mission is to create safer, more efficient, and more targeted treatments, we never lose sight of our core value: to provide comprehensive, patient-centered treatment in a warm and caring setting. One significant way we do this is through clinical research.