Nevins memorial library hours

Nevins memorial library hours

North andover (ma) library board of trustees – march 23

We in library land invite you to join us in celebrating National Library Week every year in the third week of April. On the advice of public health officials and the American Library Association (ALA), libraries have closed their physical locations, but we remain open for business online and continue to serve our communities with resources, facilities, and programs.
Don’t know where to start? Try our readers’ advisory service “What Should I Read Next?” or browse our A Book A Day Tumblr for ideas. Browse Libby (ebook and eaudio), NovelistPlus (fiction and nonfiction), the Audio Book Cloud (available until August 31, 2020), and the Romance Book Cloud for those addictive, steamy romances. From Monday, March 16th until a tentative reopening about March 30th, we will be canceling ALL services. If you signed up for one of our services, whether it was for children, teens, or adults, you should have received a call or an email depending on what you signed up for.

Francis nevins and ann douglas at the dr. saul

Each item format has its own lending time. The Circulation Rules table, which can be found in the About section, lists the most popular lending periods that most Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) libraries have decided upon. You can check the status of products on your account at any time by going to the MVLC Online Catalog.
The MVLC Online Catalog helps you to renew an item online. Navigate to the Checked Out/Renew tab by clicking on the “My Account” tab, then logging in with your barcode and pin #. You can also contact the library at (978) 346-9441 to renew your things over the internet. When you come into the library, you can also renew your things in person.
There are no fees for items checked out from the Merrimac Library, whether they are our own or ones that have been ordered from another library. For eg, if you order an item from Andover for pick-up at Merrimac and then check it out at Merrimac, you will not be charged any fines for that item. If you checked out the same thing at the Andover library, it will be subject to penalties because it was checked out at a library that charges fines.

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Debby Irving, a social justice educator and writer, explores how she used her white-skewed belief system to view the world around her, using historical and media images. Debby discusses how she spent decades silently reaffirming negative, archaic racial patterns instead of challenging the racial inequalities and conflicts she could see and experience because she was socialized with a narrow worldview. This program is intended to assist white people in shifting their emphasis from ‘fixing’ and ‘helping’ those who are perceived to be inferior to internalized white dominance and its role in perpetuating racism at the human, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels. This presentation involves reflection time, dialogue, and a Q&A session with an invited panel. Bria Gadsen, Elizabeth Walther-Grant, and Mayara Reis of Merrimack Valley Black & Brown Voices, as well as Amaryllis Lopez of Elevated Thinking, will be on the panel.
This initiative is part of a series called Libraries Working For Social Justice, which is presented in cooperation with eight Merrimack Valley libraries: Burlington Public Library, Haverhill Public Library, Lawrence Public Library, Memorial Hall Library, Nevins Memorial Library, Stevens Memorial Library, Tewksbury Public Library, and Wilmington Memorial Library.

Office hours: peter suber on open access

Northern Essex Community College and Methuen’s Nevins Memorial Library will collaborate on a speaker series this fall that will cover science-related subjects such as the Science of Sunshine, The Science of Happiness, and Radioactivity in Your Life.
Northern Essex Chemistry Professor Mike Cross will kick off the series with a talk on “The Science of Sunshine” on Monday, September 18. Overexposure to the sun can be harmful, but according to Cross, the sun can be beneficial to your health. Cross, who has a PHD in organic chemistry from the University of Utah and is known on campus for integrating games and magic tricks into his teaching, can teach you about safe doses of sun and the benefits of more sun exposure.
Lizzie Casanave, a philosophy professor at Northern Essex, will lecture on “The Science of Happiness and How to Be Happy” on Monday, October 23. Many people believe they would be happier as a result of something, such as finding a new career, completing a project, or losing 10 pounds, as Casanave describes. She believes that psychologists and neurologists are now recognizing that improving our attitude will help us achieve happiness more quickly. She will clarify this idea and include realistic strategies for creating a new happier mentality during her presentation. Casanave has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy/religion and world views and a master’s degree in analytical and creative thought, and she has taught philosophy for over ten years.