Navigators summer training program

Navigators summer training program

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Looking for a powerful way to develop spiritually this summer while still reaching out to others around you? These summer programs are a great way to deepen your faith while also impacting your coworkers, foreign students, and even the next generation!
You are invited to join fellow college students and staff for an exciting summer faith adventure in the Wisconsin Dells, the “Waterpark Capital of the World!” Summer Training Programs with the Navigators have been shown to be “greenhouses” for spiritual development. Learn how to reach deeper into God’s Word, deepen your prayer life, and develop a heart for and ability in evangelism while hanging out with other like-minded college students.
The Navigators’ mission is to use discipleship to spread the gospel around the world. We live to bring the joy of Christ to every corner of the world, from the first Navigator missionary’s journey to China in 1949 to today’s more than 1,100 cross-cultural missionaries in 107 countries. You, too, can be a part of those missions if you have a heart for the nations! There are hundreds of short-term summer trips available, with destinations ranging from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Fukuoka, Japan!

The navigators summer training programs

Imagine spending the entire summer in Jacksonville, Florida with a group of 100+ other college students who want to improve their spiritual lives. You’ll spend the whole summer together, living, working, and having fun, and you’ll form lifelong friendships. Paul exhorts Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:9-10 to note or recall Jesus Christ and the facts of the Gospel or “good news” that Paul preached. He does this despite the fact that he knows he is imprisoned because of this Gospel. “But the Word of God is not bound!” he declares, a shocking and remarkable declaration. Wouldn’t it be great to have anything to build your life on that isn’t subject to the ebb and flow of your circumstances? Isn’t it intriguing to get to know the All-Powerful God of the Universe, who never changes, on a personal level? What if He has shown Himself to us and made these questions open to us?


Looking to improve your Christian walk this summer? Our summer discipleship program (STP) is planned to be the most enjoyable and fruitful experience of your life! Every summer, we get together with students from Navigator ministries from all over our area to focus on discipleship, evangelism, and Bible study in a transformational environment. For more details, click here!
Every summer, we send a group of 8-12 people to the University of Nairobi to serve with The Kenyan Navigators for 5 weeks. This amazing summer of growth and adventure includes learning a new community, living with a host family, literally advancing the gospel, and going on a safari!
Join our summer small group if you’re staying in State College for classes or jobs this summer. We’ll eat meals together, study the Bible together, go on walks together, and so much more!

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Welcome to the website of the Navigators Florida Area. The Navigators is a ministry that uses Life-to-Life® discipleship to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and help others develop in Him. We do this on college campuses and military bases around the world, as well as in workplaces, inner cities, local governments, and hard-to-reach locations.
The Navigators have been around since 1933, with the mission of “knowing Christ, making Him known, and helping others do the same®.” Founder Dawson Trotman saw discipleship as a way to reach the whole world with the Gospel: one person reaching out to another, who in turn will reach out to another, and so on. The Navigators’ calling argument represents this theory.