My wife just left me

My wife just left me

My wife left me. (“how success destroyed us”)

Our culture is plagued by the problem of spouse abandonment. In most cases, you believe your decades-long marriage is perfect, and you even intend to retire together – and then POOF! You may twist and turn in your bed at night, unable to sleep, wondering if there was a particular day, period, life event, or something you said during your decades together that caused your partner to decide they no longer wanted to be with you.
And you tell yourself that if you get your answers, if your ex gives you the reason you deserve, then and only then can you get closure and move on from your long-term marriage.
Yes, absolutely. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the good, kind, and human thing to do. When you’ve been married to someone for years, if not decades, and you’ve stood by their side and made sacrifices for their happiness, you deserve at least an explanation and a heads-up.
Their integrity shone through in the way they chose to end their long marriage, and it’s doubtful that the Human Dignity Fairy would come knocking on your door to apologise and justify themselves. Your dreams of receiving the closure you want from them are likely to be dashed.

My wife left me

I’ve been married to my best friend for over ten years and have two wonderful children. I’m not inebriated, I don’t hit something or anybody, and I’ve always embraced her goals, including her pursuit of higher education. We’ve had our share of bumps in the lane, and we’ve both made some bad decisions, but we’ve both made it through, never looking back. Every action was beneficial. However, she is now seeking a divorce. What is the explanation for this? She had “lost that feeling” and she had “lost that feeling.” Is it okay if we go to therapy, honey? Definitely not!! Should we at least continue to learn about it? Certainly not! It’s done, and people move on! That’s all I get from the guy I’ve loved and who has helped me move mountains side by side! There’s no place for compromise, and there’s no way to start a conversation. THERE IS NOTHING!
I’ve misplaced everything that used to be the center of my universe! I’m no longer able to be a part of my children’s everyday lives. I lose out on the easy pleasures that so many people enjoy with them. I’m now renting a room because I don’t want to sign a contract, hoping that my wife will call me at any moment and tell me she loves me and that our marriage is worth fighting for. What did I lose, and for what? Is it a feeling? I’m tired of my kids crying because they want me to come home every time they see me! And all I can tell is, “It’ll be OK,” because I’m not going to shame my wife in front of my children.

My wife just left me what should i do? | paul friedman

I’m absolutely devastated after fourteen years of marriage. We managed to see each other after we broke up for a few months, but he ended it again, and I learned he’d met someone else.
I did the best I could about what I had. I made an effort to try new things and meet new people. He then told me in October that he regretted his decision and that he wanted to try again. He was still in his new relationship at this stage.
I had sex with him stupidly, but afterward I told him he needed to finish with this woman before we could try again, which he did a week later. We tried to take it slowly when he lived at his parents’ home. We went on a few dates within the first week, but this woman was always sending him texts and calling him during that time. He didn’t block her phone number despite saying he would. He stayed over on Friday night, and I let him sleep in our bed; we had sex on Saturday morning, and then he went back to his parents.
His father called me on Sunday to ask if he could come over and see me, saying he “just wanted to help.” We had a long discussion about taking it slowly when he came around to the building. He announced that he had advised my husband to go away on his own for a few days to clear his mind.

My wife left me when i had nothing now that i’m

It astounds me how my wife (or soon-to-be ex-wife) would go about her business as though the divorce isn’t a big deal and that our marriage was meaningless. It makes me doubt whether she ever loved me in the first place. I’m sitting in agony in the empty house where we used to live, caring for our dog and going through the most intense feelings I’ve ever experienced.
Hello, Brian.
Reading your post brought up feelings I’d been experiencing, and continue to experience. I’ve been married to a lovely woman for 15 years, and we have two wonderful young sons (10 and 7 years old). We had our problems, but I was certain that they were not so severe that they couldn’t be addressed. She eventually gave up on us, claiming that our marriage had reached its end. She may be right, but when we divorced, I had to leave the home where our small family had thrived. She began dating someone right away (which still hurts), and what this has done to our children is also very painful. I realized, however, that I needed to be strong not just for myself, but also for our two sons. I had to start seeing this as an opportunity to start living more fully with who I am. Although it was challenging on several ways, I knew that I deserved so much more in life. Yes, it was painful, and I didn’t want to give up on our relationship, but the truth is that it is over, and I must move on. To be a victim is a waste of time and money. For the first few months, I cried into my pillow several nights and couldn’t sleep. But now I’m on my way to restoring MY life. I’m confident you’ll be able to do the same!! I am available if you ever need anyone to speak to. Keep your head up! If you really want everything to work out, it always does. Patrick is a man of many talents.