My fit foods reviews

My fit foods reviews

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Sisters (and brothers) are taking action on their own behalf. Maybe you’re referring to food shopping. In that case, we would all have organic, farm-fresh produce and meats delivered to our front doors with the touch of a finger on a smartphone app. We are living in crazy times. The caveat here, of course, is that we all have to pick what we eat. I don’t know about you, but on a bad day, my asparagus and chicken breast order could quickly devolve into red wine, pizza, and chocolate. Fortunately, there are a slew of fail-safe grocery shopping options popping up all over Chicago.
I’m trying out another gourmet food delivery service for this week’s Monday Motivation. It’s called My Fit Foods, and it’s a unique concept. You don’t need to go to their house; they’ll come to yours. If you live in Chicago, Amazon Prime offers food delivery to your office or home.
The rest follows a fairly typical pattern: Each store has an onsite nutrition coach who creates personalized meal plans based on the needs and dietary concerns of each customer. A 21-day challenge is also available, since, according to most, any healthy habit can be mastered in 21 days.

Michelle’s review of my fit foods

“My Fit Foods has assisted me in losing 15 pounds in less than two months. The meals make calorie counting and macro tracking easy. It’s also extremely convenient to be able to walk in at any time and have a meal ready in minutes! Fit Foods will undoubtedly continue to assist me in my weight loss and health goals.”
“I was out of control when it came to snacking on unhealthy foods and consuming large meals. I was able to stop snacking on unhealthy items and practice portion control thanks to the 21-Day Challenge. It was difficult for me, especially because I have a sweet tooth. During the Challenge, I lost weight. YAY for me! I also learned to say “no” to foods I didn’t need and to walk away from foods I didn’t need. For me, the 21-Day Challenge was a huge success! Also, the food is fantastic! Thank you, Morgan, for your assistance and for holding me accountable.”
“In just two months, My Fit Foods has helped me lose 15 pounds. The meals make calorie counting and macro tracking easy. It’s also extremely convenient to have a meal ready in minutes! Fit Foods will continue to assist me in my weight loss and wellness goals.”

Eating livefit foods for a week!!

This is the first of a four-part series about my My Fit Foods 21-Day Challenge experience. Be sure to read the Week One Recap, Week Two Recap, and Week Three Recap.
Many people in your workplace may have seen people microwaving lunches in tiny black containers with transparent lids. You’ve also noticed that the food still appears to be fresh, never frozen, and smells great. This happened to me, and after seeing colleagues eating these appetizing-looking meals, I learned they were purchased at My Fit Foods.
Mario Mendias, a retired Marine and personal trainer, founded My Fit Foods in Houston, Texas, because he believes that the fuel you put in your body accounts for 80% of your health and fitness outcomes. Many of Mendias’ clients refused to listen to him because they didn’t have the time or ability to cook a nutritious meal on a regular basis.
All of My Fit Foods’ meals are made with “active foods,” which include all natural/non-processed ingredients, lean meats, “good” carbs, heart-healthy fats, a variety of fruits and vegetables, no preservatives, and sodium ranges that are within healthy limits.

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I’ve been a customer of FFF for almost three years. Their customer support is outstanding, and the entire team is warm and welcoming. I am generally pleased with the meals provided; I always get the impression that the meals are fresh and tasty! In the future, I hope they add more plant-based proteins to their menu. The website is really easy to use. This service comes highly recommended by me to anyone looking for a healthy and easy meal!
For many years, my husband and I have been eating Fit Food Fresh meals. F “cubed” is how we affectionately refer to them (F3). We have a number of dietary limitations, and F3 consistently and safely provides balanced, gluten-free, nutritious meals. The food is amazing, and the people are even better. They’ve been like family to us, and they’ve played a critical role in keeping us safe and secure during this difficult period. Everyone at F3 with whom we’ve had contact has been helpful and pleasant, but Andrew in particular has a special place in our hearts. We’re busy professionals with little time to prepare, but thanks to F3, we can still eat delicious, home-cooked meals every day. F3, we adore you. You’re the very best!!!