Mount hope burlington ma

Mount hope burlington ma

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Mount Hope Christian School is a private school that provides excellent nursery and elementary education. Via academics and spiritual guidance, we aspire to provide each of our students with the highest quality education possible. Mount Hope Christian School lays a strong Christian framework for students, educates them according to their individual talents, and graduates godly young men and women of character, vision, and service. Through the joint efforts of both the home and the classroom, our students are being transformed into the image of Christ on a daily basis. We have outstanding academic programs that concentrate on the entire child’s education. Academically, socially, mentally, physically, and, most importantly, spiritually, we agree that children should progress in the following five fields. Each child grows and learns at his or her own pace, in our opinion. Children have their own special abilities. As educators, it is our duty to recognize and support these areas in your child. We are firm believers in the creative arts and will do everything possible to ensure that your children obtain an education in these fields as well.

Mount hope christian school of burlington, ma

Mount Hope Christian School is a private school for children aged two to five years old. The school, which opened in 1982, has since grown and continues to do so on a daily basis. The school is a Christian school that is non-denominational and dedicated to Christian education and ministry. Everyone is welcome at Mount Hope Christian School, regardless of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, or handicap. We do not discriminate and give anyone who applies for admission to our school a fair chance. We are committed to giving our students a strong Christian base, educating them according to their individual talents, and graduating godly young men and women of character, vision, and service.
We offer a caring toddler program, an outstanding preschool program, an academically superior elementary program, and an enriching summer program to the Burlington, MA community. Furthermore, we provide extended care before and after school for all of our cherished students — the Mount Hope Christian School project is inextricably linked to our educational philosophy. As educators, our job is to find and nurture each child’s unique talents. We are firm believers in the performing arts, and we do all we can to ensure that our children are well-versed in them. Choose Mount Hope Christian School for your child today, and watch them grow closer to Christ as a result of their education.

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Before we find Mount Hope, we looked at ten different schools. I felt at ease, and it was also a cost-effective choice for us. The warmth that the Mt Hope staff and teachers exude is amazing. My daughter’s academic performance and skills have improved dramatically since she began attending Mt Hope. She has a fantastic group of friends and loves going to school every day. She always tells me how much she hated her previous school and how much she likes this one. Thank you to the staff, particularly Mrs. DiFonte and Mrs. Kriger in the Blue Room, for making such a positive difference in our lives when we first arrived. 🙂 You’re the best!

My daughter is in her second year of preschool here and is having a blast. Her teachers are fantastic, and the classes offer a wide range of sports, art projects, and skill development opportunities. Optional afternoon activities are available by semester; her favorites have been soccer, ballet, science, and painting! Summer program is also awesome, with field trips, swimming lessons, and everything else that summer has to bring. My daughter is so happy here, and I’m amazed at how easily her pre-K teacher has helped her develop her fine motor skills this year; she’s already writing letters and loves to write in her “”book.”” ” A beautiful, welcoming atmosphere for children.”

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I spent two months there. They discriminate against people with disabilities, I discovered. When we go places and such, they would make all special needs people like myself travel in separate cars…
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Mount Hope Christian School educates children in preschool and elementary school. Kids as young as 2.9 years old are welcome to participate in the preschool program. Kindergarten and fifth grade students attend the elementary school. The school provides before and after-school care, a summer program, a student services department for gifted and disabled students, chapel visits once a week, and elementary specialists.  /p>   &