Mold in toilet bowl diabetes

Mold in toilet bowl diabetes

How to clean a toilet – get rid of bathroom smell!

I’m curious as to what BG levels cause symptoms. I had no symptoms when I was diagnosed with 364. I was in a good mood. When I was first diagnosed, I tried glucostix along with my meter and had no sugar in my urine, no blurry vision, and no neuropathy (I developed a bit of those two when my BG started coming down, mostly gone now). My blood pressure spiked again over the weekend (mid 300s), but I had no symptoms. I’m not sure if I’m 100 or 400 based on how I feel. According to what I’ve read, it’s unusual not to have symptoms (‘strange’ is common in my body). I believe that when our bgs are large, our bodies become used to the numbers and accept them as normal. When you start to normalize your bgs, you normally feel bad. I was diagnosed at 240 and felt great. When my bgs fell to the low 100’s, I had a lot more symptoms than when they were in the 200-300 range.
Lynn, I don’t often have signs when my blood pressure is too high, but recently, and probably in the past year, when my blood pressure is too high, my vision becomes fuzzy and remains that way for a while. I’m experiencing back-of-the-eye bleeding, and I’m doing whatever I can to keep my numbers in the safe zone, or at least what I consider the safe zone. I can never tell what my sugar level is from how I feel because I have the same reactions when I’m low as when I’m high, which is mainly shakiness and a lot of sweating. Testing is a must for me.

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I’m hoping for a prompt response. It began about six months ago when I found that the toilet I use was accumulating small dark specks and needed to be cleaned more regularly. I began using products (psyllium and bentonite) to gently “bowel cleanse” at the same time. The “dirt” seemed to increase when I used enemas and fibers. However, I haven’t done any of that for several months, and the “dirt” has only gotten worse. It appears as a gray film on the toilet bowl, with a darker gray line running along the water’s surface. I’ve been denying it, avoiding it, and simply cleaning the toilet more often, but tonight I’ve forced myself to see that this isn’t healthy, so I’ve hurried to do some online research.
How’s it going for your BS? This is an unusual subject, but it deserves to be discussed. I wanted to ask this as a general question before! We discovered black mold in the toilet before I was diagnosed. It was a series of tiny black spots. It’s something I’ve never seen before. I’d come back again and again. I came across an article about this after my diagnosis. In a high-sugar setting, there is a specific mold that thrives! Yes, that’s it! I’m having trouble finding the article right now, but it was about diabetes. We knew it was present at least 6 months before I was diagnosed after we thought about it. I called my diabetic brother, who confirmed that they had it as well! Their boys were blamed for not always flushing. I don’t see it as much now, but every now and then it appears, usually when my BS is higher. I never go above 180, but I believe that small amounts of glucose are still present in the urine at lower levels. I’m curious if someone else has seen this as well! I’ll do my best to locate the post. PS> Best wishes on your pregnancy! Pat is a wonderful person.

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Even if you don’t have significant water damage or moisture buildup in other areas of your house, mold will appear in the toilet. Mold can easily take hold and spread due to the continuous presence of water in the toilet bowl and tank. Mold in the toilet is visible when you open the door and see a black ring around the edge of the water level. Since mold spores are easily spread, it’s critical to thoroughly clean the toilet right away and follow the safety measures mentioned below to avoid health risks from mold spores.
Mold is a fungus that can grow on a variety of surfaces and is most commonly found when the surface is allowed to become (and stay) damp. Mold will grow in any room of the house if there has been any contact with moisture, whether that moisture comes from the outside, from plumbing problems, or from high levels of humidity in the air. Since there are so many ways and places for moisture to accumulate, bathrooms are especially prone to mold growth. Toilets are moist environments by definition: the bowl and tank are both partially full of water at all times except when flushing. They’re also dark and naturally at room temperature, particularly when the lid is closed. Mold thrives in these types of environments. Toilets that are used infrequently and flushed infrequently are more likely to develop a mold problem than those flushed regularly. To prevent mold spores from developing and spreading into a larger epidemic, all toilets should be cleaned on a regular basis.

How to clean mold out of a toilet (howtolou.com)

She had been tested negative for diabetes for 8 months and had been consuming rice, bananas, glucose, apples, and everything else on a regular basis.

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She has not been sleeping for the past two days, is feeling pushed, and needs to go to the bathroom every hour.

Easy: clean your toilet tank without scrubbing

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Dear Doctor, I am 45 years old and have diabetes, which runs in my family, and I have had it for the past 8 years. Originally, I was placed on metformin and encouraged to exercise, but once I began using it, I developed irritable bowel syndrome. View the solution
Good day, Dr. Normally, I discover. Sugars are sugars. After urinating for a while, ants clustered in my toilet bowl… navel. So, with all of this, I’m not sure what might be causing the ants to congregate around my toilet… Look at the response that appears to be black mold. It continues to develop no matter how much the toilets are washed with bleach… My husband suffers from diabetes. He does not take his drugs on a regular basis. He was recently… View the preparation for answering questions. Another concern is that often after urinating, bubbles appear in the toilet bowl, which has been recorded… Hello there. I’m a 24-year-old male who stands 175 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. I’m a personal trainer with a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure… View the solution