Modern gothic interior design

Modern gothic interior design

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If you’ve ever traveled to Europe, even for a short time, you’ve almost certainly seen gothic architecture and design. Gothic architecture flourished in Europe and parts of Asia from the mid- to late-medieval times, creating some of the most magnificent religious and communal structures ever seen. Gothic architecture was intended to appeal to the strongest feelings one may have, taking influence from either religion or civic duty, making it a perfect inspiration for interior design. You may be wondering how to integrate gothic architecture into the interior of your home because of its historicism and ornate details—don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee you’ll adore the modern take on the gothic trend mentioned below!
The first step in implementing any new interior design trend is to assess one’s home and determine if it is appropriate. Gothic interiors are more tangible and possible as more historic and traditional homes are built. The gothic style may pose some challenges in a modern or contemporary home, but they aren’t insurmountable. This historic home exemplifies how well modern-gothic can work in both interior and exterior design when done correctly! A particular color palette is often used to characterize Gothic architecture and design. Take a look at this reading room/library for an example of this theme.

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They don’t have to be actual bones, unless you happen to have any on hand. Bones, skeletons, antlers, dried flowers, taxidermy, raw gemstones, weird paintings, antique doctors’ instruments, and retro knick knacks will all help to bring the theme to life! Modern gothic style has a morbid quality to it. You will have a lot of fun experimenting with various accents to use as decorations.
This is often seen in Victorian decoration and architecture. Mirrors with ornate oval frames may be mounted on the opposite walls of doorways or at the front entrance. Avoid using wooden frames. Mirrors with metallic accents, such as pewter, brass, gold, or silver, are a good option. If you intend to use a wooden frame, make sure it is darkly decorated.
In a Modern Gothic house, you’ll rarely see bubblegum pink or canary yellow. Dark or neutral colors like black, silver, or ivory are ideal. Furniture and bold accents in crimson red, deep purple, navy blue, and forest green are all choices. You should use colors that are both regal and commonplace. Adding splashes of gold and silver in the room is perfectly acceptable.

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Gothic Interior Design is highly influenced by the ornate designs and materials found in these two ecclesiastical styles, such as painted and ornately carved timbers, stained glass, and wrought iron, with its origins in Roman and Medieval Architecture. Gothic architecture was common from about 1150 to 1550, and Victorians revived it in the late 1800s. Continue reading for our Top 5 Tips for bringing Gothic drama into your home:
Many elements of a luxuriously moody Modern Gothic interior can be seen in this image: The sofa and cushions are the same color as the plush patterned carpet, which is a deep purple. Ornate carvings and clawed feet on the couch add to the Victorian feel of the furniture.
This Dining Room offers a bold, elegant space with a classic Black vs. White scheme. Ornate designs, textured wallpaper, and feature chandeliers all contribute to the romantic Gothic feel of the space.
This bathroom, heavily inspired by Victorian architecture, is the ultimate WOW factor! Features in metallic gold are detailed on black lacquered furniture and all black bathroom fittings, while the timber floor and textured walls add a sense of warmth to the space.

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In art history, the gothic style is a substyle of the medieval era. Houses in the modern Gothic style. Stone castle home style is a modern interpretation of a castle home. It was modeled after Europe’s great cathedrals and castles. The gothic revival trend is full of ornate and elegant details that you can recreate in your own home right now.
Because of the abundance of lumber and factory-made architectural trim, an American version of wood-framed gothic revival homes arose. Its popularity increased in the early nineteenth century, as more serious and knowledgeable admirers of neogothic styles tried to revive medieval gothic architecture in contrast to the prevailing neoclassical styles. While the Italian artist refers to this model as the architectural style of bars, the truth is that French or Gothic style architecture is now found in many modern homes.
I’d like to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house with all of the new conveniences. Gothic revival, also known as victorian gothic, is a style of Gothic architecture that was common during the Victorian era. The neo-gothic, also known as gothick, is a prominent architectural style in the western world that started in the late 1740s in England. Gothic architecture has a long and illustrious history.