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Mission hills early learning center

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The Child Care Licensing Unit oversees the county’s daycare centers and regulates and approves all of the county’s Family Child Care Providers. A licensed family child care provider can care for up to 12 children in their home at any given time. To obtain public funding for child care programs, a licensed provider must enter into an arrangement with the Department of Family Services.
Child Care Provider homes are divided into two categories.
With additional staff, Type A homes can care for up to 12 children at once, while Type B homes can only care for six.
Type A homes must also obtain city licenses, such as zoning, construction, and fire permits.
Kind A Homes – Children aged seven to twelve are cared for in the provider’s home (or four to twelve if four children are under the age of two). The cumulative count must include the provider’s own children under the age of six. Type A houses are required to have a license. 60 The Department of Job and Family Services licenses type A family day care homes.

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**After submitting the document, you will receive a confirmation email. The email contains directions and a link to complete the second part of the application process before being considered for the job. Thank you so much.
Responsibilities & Qualifications
You will be asked to authorize Mission Hills Church to conduct a background check/consumer report for the purpose of jobs. The background check will not be conducted until you are selected to proceed to the interview stage of the process.

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Another factor to consider when looking for a child day care is that successful day care centers provide materials that enable children to enjoy learning. Every well-regarded Littleton child day care aspires to set a high standard for educational development. The most prestigious of these organizations work with specialists in education and health sciences to develop curriculum. Curriculums that are most successful are those that are provided by educators and workers who pay attention to the needs of the child and his or her parents.