Mental stimulation in relationships

Mental stimulation in relationships

How to give your brain the stimulation it needs

I met this guy two months ago, and we’ve been chatting almost every night since then, as well as seeing each other once a week on weekends. He’s a fantastic find! He’s a gentlemen, a very nice person, responsible, wise in his choices, shares my thoughts, makes me laugh, adventurous, open-minded, and pursues his goals. We’ve been known to chat for hours on the phone, just laughing and chatting about different topics.
The flaw is that, though we can converse, I don’t think he has a very stimulating conversation that makes me think and challenges me. He’s terrible at describing himself, and when I ask for his thoughts on something, he has no idea how to describe how he feels or why he thinks the way he does. I’d be happier if he could only justify his viewpoint and reasoning, because seeing things from someone else’s eyes allows you to learn a lot and think differently.
Is it possible to teach others how to communicate their ideas and opinions? I note he is struggling and has no idea how to proceed. He is at a loss for words. I understand how difficult it is to be unable to articulate your viewpoints, but I eventually did. I’m not sure how I did it, though.

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A relationship’s success or failure is determined by a number of factors. Intellectual compatibility is a crucial element in determining the relationship’s sound. It not only adds excitement to the relationship, but it also helps each partner to learn more about the other. You form personal bonds with someone who is like-minded, has common viewpoints on various topics, and brings something special to the relationship that strengthens the connection between partners.
It takes more than two intelligent and knowledgeable people to be intellectually compatible with others. You may share similar beliefs or disagree on some issues, but you share a deep bond that binds partners together. Someone with whom you are intellectually compatible has a strong desire to know more about you. They get along well with people who are on the same wavelength. They have concepts that are complementary to those of their collaborators. They are eager to share their ideas and ideals with someone who shares their interests and passions.

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Individuality and uniqueness are praised with positivity in today’s society. On the other hand, there is still a lot of pressure to live up to traditional sexual standards. As meaningless sexual experiences become the norm in society, the “hook-up” phenomenon is at an all-time high. When you’re under pressure to not disappoint your peers, staying true to your convictions can be challenging.
We are continually reminded that being ostensibly willing in terms of your sexual persona tends to reign supreme. Many people’s minds are dominated by social media. Tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram are platforms that provide quick access to new relationships and interactions with superficial meaning. In this age, it is not cool to be cautious and cautious with your heart and body. What a depressing idea to entertain.
When the lines are even slightly blurred, cherishing an intimate moment and making it meaningful goes out the window. It is considered absurd to feel someone without touching them. Only a few people have the mentality of knowing someone’s soul before they know the curvature of their inner thigh. When it comes to starting a new relationship with another, sex is almost always a big factor.

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I was initially drawn to my boyfriend for a petty cause (he was a computer scientist, and seeing him write programs turned me on!). Despite a lot of adversity, we’re still going strong after 5 years: intercultural relationship strains, an ex-girlfriend stalker, you name it, we’ve dealt with it. He is an excellent boyfriend. Helps with household chores, likes to try new stuff, is willing to listen to me ramble on incessantly (ha! ), and so on. I say, I’m blown away.
However, there is a catch. There isn’t much “intellectual stimulation” in the relationship, aside from our movie preferences (he wanted to see Hangover III instead of Star Trek, like come on man! ), which is about the only thing we’ll argue about. Don’t get me wrong: he’s intelligent. And he knows everything there is to know about the websites he creates for a living. But I’m not in the least bit involved in anything outside of that (politics, science, the economy, to name a few).
I grew up in an intellectual household, so I was always reading the news and holding daily conversations and debates about anything and all. It felt natural to talk about current events with my father over lunch. My boyfriend, on the other hand, refuses to read the news because it is too dull, meaningless, or depressing. I’ll inform him of the situation, but that’ll be it. I enjoy reading as well, but my boyfriend does not, unless it is about something that will benefit him at work.